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Why WordPress Is The Best Platform To Build Your Online Resume?

The number of tools and technologies to develop websites and applications keeps increasing with time. Gone are those days when web developers and programmers resorted to manual coding, and it took a long time to create a functional website. Using the latest web development tools, you can set up a fully functional, stunning website within a few hours or less. WordPress has revolutionised the web development sector in the last decade. Launched primarily as a blogging platform, this popular CMS is now used to make varying types of websites, including resume websites. 

Why would you need a resume website?

Nowadays, companies prefer checking out digital resumes of applicants over paper versions. Creating and editing a digital resume is simpler, and you do not have to worry about making copies of papers getting lost or torn.

A resume website serves as an online platform using which job seekers make themselves available to employers. It also helps you override the limitations of a paper-based copy. For example, on a resume website, you can add links to your online profiles, samples of published works and projects etc., without issues. Using WordPress can be quite useful in this regard.

Creating a Resume website using WP

Creating a resume website with WP is not hard. In many instances, people develop such websites without seeking professional help. However, to make a powerful impact on the viewers, seeking professional assistance is useful. To ensure your website stands out in the crowd, you may seek the services of a veteran WordPress web development company. 

  • Before getting started, you have to download and install WordPress. It is necessary that you make an outline of the resume and divide it into a few key sections. These may include a short personal bio, educational skills, technical skills, certifications, project links, links of published work if applicable etc. 
  • Once you make a clear outline of the resume website, it is time to pick the right WP theme. There are many WP resume themes, and comparing a handful of them is absolutely recommended. However, it is prudent to make a one-page website for resume websites. That way, the employers will be able to check out everything they need to know in one place, without navigating and looking here and there. 
  • Ensure you keep the resume website concise. Discard the information that may not be of much use to prospective employers. The layout should look neat and professional. Evade using fancy fonts that are hard to read. Evade using garish colours as well. The contact information should be clearly visible. 
  • Before publishing the website online, you can take a break and reanalyse it well. This will help you figure out ways to make it look stunning and useful to the target viewers. 

To ensure your WP resume website looks stunning and professional, hire a veteran custom WordPress company.

Picking the right theme and plugin for WP resume website development

The abundance of WP resume builder themes and plugins can make picking the apt one rather hard, more so if you are about to make such a website for the first time. There are a few things that you have to check.

  • First, check out the ease of usage. The WP resume building plugin must be simple to use.
  • The plugin must have an intuitive UI.
  • It should come with a lot of customization options. This will let you add and edit sections to the resume websites after creating them.
  • You also need to check the plugin for developer support. It should be compatible with the new version of WP. 
  • Some WP resume plugins come with both free and premium editions. Try the free edition first, and based on satisfaction level, you can go for the premium one. 

The top resume plugins for WordPress

WordPress is loved by users for its seemingly endless collection of themes. The CMS has themes for everything, including security bosting, image, media management, and third-party tool integration. It also has plugins for resume website creation. Top WordPress website development services make use of these plugins to ensure the client websites are developed as desired. 

Listed below are some of the widely used WP themes and plugins for resume website development.

  • WP Job Manager– Resume Manager- It is a popular and user-friendly resume-creation plugin aimed at WP users. The lightweight and simple plug-in are what you need to leave a lasting impression on any employer. It has a simple drag and drop UI. The developer says it is compatible with the newest versions of WP. 
  • Resume Builder- This is one of the leading WP resume creator plug-ins. The plugin has a minimal learning curve. With it, you can develop a sleek looking resume website within a few minutes and publish it to draw the attention of other users. It makes customising the resume simple as well. The plugin ships with sleek, minimalist styles. 
  • Resume Manager- This is a plugin that is often used by ace WordPress development companies to develop resume websites. The plug-in lets users develop multiple resumes within a short span of time. It ships with a WYSIWYG editor and supports a number of languages. 
  • JS Job Manager- This WP plugin comes with an embedded customizable CV builder. It is a cloud-based service and so easy to use. The plugin is easy to set up. You can import data from online services or networking websites without hassles. The best part about this plugin is it is well-documented. There is a premium version as well. 

Summing it up

Creating a resume website can be pretty useful for people in any profession, and the task becomes easy when WP is used for creating an online resume site. Those with basic working knowledge of WP should be able to create such a website without requiring much time or facing hassles. However, first-time users can gain by seeking the services of veteran WP development entities in this regard. Such an agency can pick the right theme and plugin, for sure. It can also assist in publishing and hosting the website. 

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