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Top Features of Laravel Which Make It Still Relevant in 2022

The profusion of web development tools and technologies makes the selection tedious for web developers. While new tools and technologies keep appearing on the horizon, some old-time contenders continue to be the favourite of developers. A large number of websites are based on PHP. However, hand-coding PHP is no longer in vogue, and PHP-based frameworks rule the roost nowadays. In this regard, Laravel is a leading player. It has been in the web development scene for over a decade, but it seems Laravel is not going to become obsolete in the future.

Laravel- one of its kind PHP framework

As it is, Laravel is not the only PHP based framework out there and neither it is the first framework based on the Open source scripting language. However, veteran PHP developers prefer Laravel over the other competing frameworks for a number of reasons. It is hard to say any of these frameworks is the best. However, compared with most PHP frameworks, Laravel races ahead on many fronts. Its flexibility, ease of usage, and resources make it a viable contender for developing dynamic, interactive web applications and sites.

The top and most loved features of Laravel that keep it relevant

It is not without reasons. So many entities are opting for Laravel based websites and applications even in 2022. Laravel ships with some useful features that make it the first choice of both PHP developers and their clients. These are:

  • Model View Controller architecture- Laravel relies on the MVC architecture, and this is one of the reasons behind its continuing popularity. This is why websites and apps made with Laravel are convenient to use and have enticing UI. It aids in executing documentation and overall execution of the projects. Owing to the MVC architecture, developers find making large-scale, complex applications simpler. They can develop clearly structured code. 
  • Safe application/site development- Nowadays, businesses are really worried about the security of their websites and applications. Instances of MNC and technology giant websites getting hacked are not uncommon anymore. Some of them have faced lawsuits and lost crucial data owing to hacking attacks. Laravel is deemed as one of the secure PHP frameworks nowadays. It comes with several security features inbuilt. Laravel comes with safety measures to thwart SQL injection attacks. 

Whether it is about password management or User authentication, Laravel has it all in its arsenal. It also has options for deploying data encryption. It generates a CSRF token whenever there is a login request. So, it rules out the risk of unauthenticated access. The Bcrypt hashing algorithm ensures passwords are not saved in the database, thereby enhancing the level of safety. 

Of course, you will gain by seeking the services of a veteran Laravel framework Development Company in this regard. Such an agency will be able to tweak the security settings in your Laravel application for the best output.

  • The abundance of developers- Among the existing PHP frameworks, Laravel is easy to learn. This makes the majority of newbie developers prefer it over the others. As a result, you will not face hardship in finding Laravel developers anywhere. Even if you want to develop a Laravel website or application through outsourcing, finding offshore agencies offering Laravel website development services will not be hard.
  • Low development cost- In a pandemic-struck world, every business is trying to cut down operational expenses, including the MNCs and start-ups. Laravel can be used free of cost owing to its open-source nature. This helps keep development costs lower. Small companies with a tight budget can avail themselves of it for getting functional, cutting edge web applications developed without hassles.
  • Eloquent ORM- ORM can be described as a software component that shows data as objects, making the tasks of Developers easier. They are able to deal with database entries better. They do not have to compose complex SQL code and so precious time is saved. 
  • Database Migration- For Database migration, Laravel is a good option. Developers can make use of the Laravel Schema Creator and create the database table. It makes Database management simpler. 
  • Artisan Console- Just because Laravel is simple to learn and use, that does not mean it lacks advanced features. On the contrary, it ships with some advanced components that are preferred and used by veteran PHP developers. One such example is the Artisan command-line interface. It is an embedded component in Laravel. The Artisan tool makes handling repetitive coding operations easier, and speedy app development becomes possible. You must hire a veteran Laravel app development company to extract the best of this component.
  • Object-oriented libraries- This is another feature of Laravel that makes it the default choice of a majority of PHP developers. It ships with several object-oriented libraries. These modules are unique to Laravel, and they can’t be traced in competing PHP frameworks. The authentication library deserves a special mention here. 
  • Blade templating engine- Laravel scores owing to the inclusion of the Blade templating engine. Its inbuilt lightweight templates speed up development work. The developers can create amazing layouts. The blade can blend a data model with a template without causing app overhead. 
  • Easy and powerful unit testing- When an app is developed, the developers need to test it several times. This is necessary to figure out flaws in coding and usability issues. Without proper testing, bugs can remain in the application, leading to user woes. The nice thing about Laravel is it comes with an inbuilt unit testing feature. The unit tests can be run and managed through the Artisan CLI. Thus, developers using Laravel do not have to use any third-party tool to execute application testing. Laravel supports running several unit tests simultaneously.
  • Resources - Developers using Laravel do not have to wait for long when they encounter any issues in coding or app customization. They can access Laracast. It is a set of free and paid video tutorials. These resources are especially handy for new developers. Apart from these, newbie developers can access the resources available online. The online support communities and groups comprising Laravel developers are there. 

What are the future prospects of Laravel?

Laravel was designed from the ground up to cover the limitations of many other PHP frameworks. So, it ships with useful components and features required the most by developers. Over the years, the development team behind Laravel has added many more new features to its arsenal. Its growing popularity and user base are indicative of its future prospects. So, it is safe to say Laravel will continue to be a major player in the web development sector in the near future. 

Summing it up

Choosing Laravel for developing your business website or application is a good move, beyond a doubt. However, ensure you hire a suitable and veteran Laravel web application development company for the best output. 

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