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How Many Days Does It Usually Take To Develop and Test A New WordPress Website


The popularity of WordPress as a website development platform needs no elaboration. Even though the CMS made an entry in this sector long back, it continues to be a favourite tool of web developers across the world. WordPress website development services now use it for creating numerous types of websites. 

How long does it take to create a website using WP?

It totally depends on what your web development needs are, to begin with. A WP website can be designed and hosted within a few hours based on user needs. In some other cases, designing a multi-page commercial website in WP may take several weeks or even months. Logically speaking, small websites with fewer pages and less content can be completed quickly.

The expertise level of the person creating a WP website is also relevant here. A beginner using the CMS for the first time may need months to design a website and give it the final shape. However, for an expert WP developer, it may not take more than a few hours or a few days to get things up and to run. 

On a more practical note, creating a website in WordPress can be segregated into several stages. You will have to estimate the time spent in each of these stages, and then you should be able to figure out how much time will be required to design and launch the website using WP. 

Ways to calculate the approx. time required to create and launch a WordPress website

  • Making a structure for the WP website- At first, you will have to prepare a structure for a WP website. It is like a skeleton based on which the mass, bones and muscles will be added. You can do this manually through drawing or using online tools. At first, you put the main pages in place and then add the subpages. This structure may be modified a few times. In the end, you will have to count the overall number of pages for your website. You may keep a few hours for this.
  • Domain, SSL and Hosting- If you have the domain name and the domain name server has been added, it will need less time. However, those beginning from scratch without any SSL and domain name purchased will need a longer time. The WP development agency or freelance developer can make the task easier for you. 

Installing an SSL certificate is not tedious or time-intensive as such. You may use services like Cloudflare for free. There is Let’s Encrypt as well, and both are offered free. However, you may also ask the hosting service agency to buy SSL certificates.

  • Preparing the content- This is a time--consuming stage. Your website will have several sections and sub-sections. Preparing content for each of the pages will be necessary. Based on your business and target audience, the type and quantity of content will vary. These will include text, images, videos, infographics etc. Preparing the content may take a few weeks or over a month if the website is really big. Using SEO techniques to optimise the content is also necessary. Hiring a WordPress website development company can be useful in this context.
  • Picking the right theme- This should not take much time. WordPress comes with a huge range of themes- both premium and free. Pick the theme that gets your business the best. If you are not sure about this, seeking the aid of the top WordPress development services in India can be helpful. Picking a theme that loads fast makes sense over a more enticing looking but slow loading theme. On average, you may keep a couple of hours for picking the right theme for your WP website.
  • Adding the necessary plug-ins- Much like themes, WP also ships with a huge number of plug-ins for users. Again these are available in free and paid editions. You will need plug-ins for needs like backup, security, SEO, media management etc. The sheer variety of plug-ins may make the selection somewhat tedious. Pay attention to the rating and reviews of such plug-ins and check for developer support as well. A custom WordPress company will guide you in picking the best WP plug-ins, for sure. It may take a day or two.
  • Developing the pages- You can either stick to the default theme of your WP website or hire a WP web developer to customise the website design. The latter gives you way more flexibility in site design customization. It will enable you to rearrange content in pages exactly the way you want, while themes are somewhat restrictive as far as content customization is concerned. Hiring a designer can prove to be a huge timesaver.
  • Developing a blog- As it is, WordPress was unveiled as a platform for blogging, and so it is no surprise that it still contains a blogging module. Businesses using WP for website development utilise the blogging module. There is no reason why you should not do the same. Setting up the blog and publishing a few posts should not take more than a couple of hours. 
  • Testing the website- After you get the content optimised and webpages in place, it is time to test the website. Testing time will depend on the website size and type of components used. Veteran WP developers will check the website on many aspects. They will check the website security multiple times, to start with. The SEO, site load time and navigation will be checked. Internal linking and backlinks will be checked too. Of course, the plug-ins installed have to be checked for functionality. Keeping a few days exclusively for testing is necessary if the website is big.
  • Other necessary tasks- After the evaluation is complete and the results are satisfactory, it is time to perform the final tasks for launching your WP website. Generating sitemap.xml and website submission will take some more time. Keeping some time for Page Traffic Monitoring will also be required.

Summing it up

The timing required to design, customise and launch a WP website will vary from one company or user to another. There are several factors involved that impact the overall timing. If time-saving is a priority for you, consider hiring a veteran WP developer or a reputed WP service provider agency. It will be useful for ensuring the success of your website as well.

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