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Top Locations To Recruit An Offshore Software Development Team For 2022

The worldwide outbreak that is COVID-19 caused the world to a standstill making businesses struggle to survive. The disease has caused an enormous impact on the economic and business environment, triggering a drastic change in how people work. 

This major shift in the new culture of work from home (also known as "remote work" is born due to the need. It's been a long time since the digital age since the growing complexity of solutions for business required an extremely skilled workforce regardless of place of work. 

In this context, forming the perfect development team of engineers, DevOps as well as QA engineers is among the biggest challenges that all tech-powered businesses face. 

The process of hiring has turned out to be very slow and expensive This makes an offshore development team the best alternative to internal team hiring. 

This blog highlights the top countries that offer software development and services. 

Outsourcing is the new norm 

The dramatic shift to the technology of working remotely has led businesses to abandon the traditional guidelines for hiring and move to outsourced development teams. With the closure of offices and businesses suffering, the use of outsourcing has exploded. It's pretty simple to work with a remote team as new data protection software and distance work software came out. The future looks brighter for Business Process and IT Outsourcing. 

A listing of nearshore and offshore software outsourcing locations 

These are places that are most suitable for outsourcing software development: 

Eastern Europe 

When it comes to the top nations for outsourcing development of software, several Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and so on. are internationally recognized as top locations for offshore software development. Eastern European offshore developers have extensive experience in commercial business and are proficient in a variety of programming languages. For instance, Ukrainian software engineers are recognized for their proficiency in Java, JavaScript, and Python. 

In Poland, PHP is the most commonly used programming language followed by Java along with .Net. There are more than 1 million professionals working as software developers in Eastern Europe. The hourly rates for freelance developers from Eastern Europe range between $25 and $40 per hour, depending on the developer's abilities and experience as well as the project's level of complexity. 

They may appear more expensive than those in other regions like Asia However, they're nonetheless much cheaper than North America and Western Europe in which software development services could cost more than $100 per hour. 

outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe also looks attractive due to the comparatively small cultural differences between the region as well as Western Europe and the USA. 

These are the top 7 places in which you can employ an offshore team of developers: 

  • Ukraine 
  • Belarus 
  • Russia 
  • Poland 
  • Czech Republic 
  • Romania 
  • Hungary 
  • Estonia 


India is a "paradise" for businesses hiring an IT development team in Asia. It is also one of the most sought-after outsourcing locations in the IT business. With over five million software developers on the market, India offers relatively low rates of between $25 and $30/hour in custom-designed offshore development. The most significant advantage of hiring tech professionals in India is the low cost. Apart from that, time zone dispersion and cultural differences are minimal and do not influence the work process. China is a close second to India in terms of time zone, however the rates that are used by Chinese overseas developers tend to be greater and the costs for product development can be as high as $35 to $40 per hour. 

Asia is the perfect location for companies seeking to recruit a development team to outsource. 

Some of the most well-known countries where it’s possible to get a dedicated offshore development team include three countries: the Philippines, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. The total number of developers working in the Asia region is about 7 million. The top destinations for hiring overseas developers include: 

  • India 
  • China 
  • Philippines 
  • Vietnam 
  • Bangladesh 
  • Indonesia 
  • Malaysia 

Latin America 

Latin America now experiences growth in the field of software development with the top offshore software development nations including Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Costa Rica. Latin American countries hold a prominent position as one of the most popular offshoring locations in US projects. 

Hourly rates for offshore developers in these countries may range from $30 to $55 per hour dependent on the qualifications of the developer. Latin American countries are close to North American clients, with the smallest time differing, which is why many companies within their home country of the US choose to outsource software development tasks for development to Latin America. These are the top nations to develop offshore across the continent: 

  • Argentina 
  • Brazil 
  • Chile 
  • Colombia 
  • Costa Rica 
  • Mexico 
  • Panama 
  • Peru 

The Latin American region is represented by several offshore software development firms that focus on working on North American projects and are proficient in knowing their requirements and needs. 


Africa is an affordable location to employ offshore developers. For Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya offshore developer's hourly fees are lower than $20. 

However, some countries like Nigeria as well as South Africa are more expensive as they cost between $40-50, and it's not easy to outsource development teams that have good price-quality and quality ratio.


There are approximately 20,000 software developers working in these African countries: 

  • Egypt 
  • Kenya 
  • Morocco 
  • Nigeria 
  • South Africa 


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