Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Web Application Development Cost And Untold Benefits In 2021

In the last two decades, the World Wide Web has massively seeped into human life, and now it is just impossible to live comfortably without using diverse online services. From your neighbourhood kids to retired relatives and friends, everyone needs to access and use the Internet. Until some years ago, websites were the means to access content and services online, but now there are more options. People are getting more accustomed to using web and smartphone applications than regular websites with time. While developing a web application for your business is necessary, you have to know the approx. Cost and the benefits you get from it.

Getting the basics clear

Developing a web application can be useful for any business nowadays. These applications are faster than typical websites, and they are user-friendly too. There are platform-specific and hybrid web applications. With time, these applications are becoming more versatile in nature. Earlier, developers made web applications to run in web access devices like tablets and smartphones. However, the modern generation applications are made to run on IoT enabled devices and are wearable too. The cost of web application development depends on some factors. 

Factors that affect web application development cost

When you think of hiring an agency for web application development for your venture, you have to do some basic calculations for the budget. The reality is there is no fixed or pre-set price for developing software solutions or web applications. The agencies offering web application development services analyze client requirements and consider specific factors in detail before offering quotes.

  • The technology/frameworks used- The cost of a web application will depend to an extent on the technology or frameworks used. There are so many options, and developers may choose to use more than one tool or platform for creating such applications.
  • JavaScript is widely used for making functional web applications, and PHP is quite popular too. Both these technologies can be used in the alliance as well, as per the project needs. Logically, when you opt for Open Source platforms or tools, it is easier to keep the development cost lower.
  • Regional or outsourcing entity- You can sign up for the services of a web application and website development agency that is based in your region or country. It is also possible to get the application developed by an offshore agency that offers outsourcing services. Ideally, you will be able to save a significant amount by opting for an outsourcing app development company. When you are on a tight budget, hiring a veteran freelance developer can be prudent.
  • Timeline- Sometimes, you may have to pay higher for web application development if the deadline is tight. Typically, web application and website development entities work for several clients at the same time. They may have to work harder to complete a project within a short deadline, and for that, they might charge you extra. It can be hard to find a developer who is capable of delivering within a tight deadline while adhering to all app creation protocols at times. 
  • Features- You definitely want a web application for your brand that is laden with the necessary features required by the end-users. It is fine but keep in mind that more features will add up to the overall app development cost. For example, adding features like payment gateway integration, social media login, push notification will cost you a significant amount. The same thing is applicable if you want to embed a live chat module in the application. Adding additional security measures to the app may also drive the development cost upwards.
  • Standard Compliance- You may want an app for your company that is designed to adhere to certain regulatory standards for compliance. This can be required in certain industries. For example, some brands need their app to comply with PCI DSS and HIPAA standards. Failing to do so may lead to legal repercussions. However, to ensure your app is compliant with specific protocols, the development company may charge extra.
  • Additional factors- There are some other factors that affect web application development costs directly. These include multilingual support, UI/UX design issues and application testing. Integrating external services into the app may also affect the final cost. 

So, what is the approx? Cost of developing a web application?

When calculating approx. Cost of web application development, you have to focus on 2 major factors. These are:

Web application development cost depends a lot on the location of the developer or development agency. Typically, Developers based in the Asian nations offer their services at reasonable rates compared to their counterparts in other continents. An India based web developer may charge you less than $50 per hour. However, shift to countries like the US and Canada, and you have to pay developers as much as $150 per hour for making the same application. In the UK, you can negotiate for rates below $100 per hour, and in Eastern Europe, things are even better. 

Once you decide on the location, the next thing you have to think of is total app development time. This will vary based on your requirements, again. The app development work is segregated into various phases, and there will be timing allotted for each. Calculate all the phases to get an estimate of total time. 

For example, UI design, coding, testing, and making modifications each require time. A small web application may cost you around $10000-$15000, while a Feature-laden app with multiple usage scenarios may cost you around $50000. The expected timespan to develop such an app may stretch up to 4 months. 

Summing it up

No matter what type of web application you want for your company, ensure you hire the most capable developer for the task. Based on your budget and project requirements, you may hire a freelance developer or outsource the work to an offshore entity. In any case, ensure you assess the agency or developer using some vital parameters. These include the tenure of the agency, portfolio of its work, client feedback, interaction type, and support and service terms. If you are fully satisfied with the credentials of an agency, sign up for its services.

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