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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Grocery Application

Nowadays, people use smartphones and mobile applications to get things done across the world. The ongoing pandemic made us rely on mobile apps more than ever before. From booking movie tickets to ordering food, everything can be done through these apps. In fact, millions of people order vegetables and groceries using smartphone apps these days. With Multinational giants growing their grocery delivery services globally, getting a grocery app developed for your venture can be useful.

Analyzing the cost of developing a grocery app

Before analyzing the cost of developing a grocery app, certain aspects have to be taken into consideration. These are:

  • The tool or framework used: There are many platforms or tools that are used for developing smartphone applications. This has a direct impact on the app development cost. You can hire a veteran React native app development company for developing your grocery app. This ensures you get apps developed for both iOS and Android, without delay and the cost will not hit the roof either.

  • The app features: A Grocery app should have some core features inbuilt. The app development cost will go up if the app has a lot of features. Some of the core features are user registration and login modules, Search & Filter, User Profile Management, Delivery Tracking, payment mode integration, Help & Customer Support, Order and History, etc. Using a social login feature in your grocery app may cost around $500 for each such service.

  • Developer type: The cost of developing a grocery app will also depend on the type of developer chosen. If you hire a reputed app development agency, the charges can be steep. You may save money by hiring a freelancer offering react native application development services. However, the scope of the project is something you can’t overlook. If you want the app to be developed on short notice, hiring a fully fledged agency is better.

  • Outsourcing or regional hiring: Sometimes, hiring a regional app developer or agency may not be a cost-effective solution. You can sign up for the services of an app development Outsourcing Company and get a grocery app created within your budget. You can find agencies that offer react native app development in this regard.

  • Support options: Just getting a grocery app by an agency is not enough. You have to learn about the support offered by the developer. Based on the type of support offered by the developer, the overall app development cost will vary. You may opt for phone or email-based support. If budget is not an issue, opt for social media-based support as well.

  • Target platform: Do you want the grocery app developed for android, or iOS or both? Hiring android and iOS app development agencies separately are going to cost you a lot of money, for sure. The better option is hiring an agency offering react native app development services. Such an agency offers cross-platform app development services for clients. So, you will get grocery apps developed within budget and development time will not be long either.

  • Third-Party Integration: Some smartphone apps feature third party integration, and that adds to the overall app development cost. This is applicable to your grocery app as well. This can be required for deploying features like customer review posting, embedding third-party payment gateways, enabling push notifications, deploying real-time tracking, database connectivity, etc.

The third-party services and applications used in this regard include Mailchimp, AWS, Azure, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Nexmo, Twilio, etc.

  • Testing: Much like other smartphone apps, a grocery app will undergo extensive testing before delivery. The team developing the app is likely to perform several rounds of testing to find out coding flaws or bugs. The longer and extended the tests, the higher the development cost. However, from a practical perspective, it is necessary not to skimp on the testing part when you get an app developed.

So, what is the approx cost of grocery app development?

Apart from the aforementioned factors, the overall cost of developing a grocery app depends on the location of development too. App Development costs change from one country to another. Indian app developers may charge you approx $10 to $40 an hour. However, their European counterparts may charge as high as $100 per hour. This can go up to $150 an hour if you hire a US-based app developer. The cost is the highest in locations in North America.

The time taken to develop a grocery app is something you have to think of when calculating the approx. Overall cost. Documentation may take up to 60 hours, while UI/UX design may need 180 hours. Backend development can be a very long process and may take up more than 300 hours. Testing & Quality Check takes up roughly 120 hours. Then you have to count additional development tasks such as idea validation, visual prototyping. Admin panel development, UI/UX design, etc. Overall, the development team may need 2000 hours to wrap the process and hand over the app to you.

So, the overall cost of grocery app development may be around $20000 to $50000 in India. The same app may cost you between $40000 -$200000 abroad.

Choosing the right agency for grocery app development

No matter how simple or layered you want the grocery app to be, ensure you hire the right agency like Imenso Software for developing it. If you outsource the app development work to an India based agency, check aspects like its clientele, portfolio and service terms. It is also necessary to check its flexibility and response carefully.

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