Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How do I get my family to play board games? Keep it simple.

Two hours of monopoly is not your grandpas’ favorite pastime. Hard taskmaster scrabble isn’t kind to your third grader nephew. Plus, it restricts the number of players to just 4. When looking for a family board game that can accommodate anywhere between 2-20 players, remains relevant to people from all ages groups and can tickle a few ribs with every round, pick the box that reads- Double Ditto. Unbox it and watch as your family scrambles to come up with ‘right’ answers to twisted questions. Treat them to a game that is challenging but not clinical in its treatment.

In this best board game box you shall find- a sand timer, scoresheets and a stashed wealth of 400 topic cards. Appoint a ‘Ditto master’ to announce the topics which can be as direct as ‘Vegetables kids like’ to somewhat-open-to-interpretation with ‘Things that go in your mouth’. Within 15 seconds, all players are expected to write down two answers that come first to their mind. Every answer that matches with another players’ fetches 1 point and where both the answers match, it’s a ‘Double Ditto’ earning 3 points. Get ready to hear some unexpected replies which are hilarious at times. In a fun way, get better understanding of your loved ones’ perspectives.

The questions provide a level playing field for participants from all age groups. Be prepared to play a referee between your octogenarian grandpa and your 8year-old nephew. In case of any disputes, refer to the instruction booklet which explains exactly what is meant by a match. Similar meaning words like ‘opening a present’ and ‘unboxing gift’ are considered as such. ‘Wrong’ answers like ‘apple’ for ‘parts of a body’ can still win points if they find a match.

In many ways opening a box of Double Ditto fun family game is similar to opening a can of worms. Who keeps what in their dresser, which names do they find ugly, which hobbies do they attribute to the rich, etc. Get a peek into the minds and habits of your blood relatives and bare your soul to them as well. Trust this winner of 2016 Creative Child Magazine's- Game of the Year, to keep your guests glued to their seats for 30-120 minutes.

When your family demands this board game at the next get together, you know you have started to think alike as a pack. Remember to carry the expansion kit which comes with 300 additional topic cards to keep the fun rolling. Prepare a goodie bag for the winner and hand out some consolation prizes. A good family board game invites maximum participation and lightens up the mood. Add to this a feeling of bonding which is strengthened by keeping the players interested and invested in each other’s life.

In between these occasions when your son wonders- Can this game be played on the internet with family in other locations? Just tell him to keep it simple.

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