Thursday, October 28, 2021

Bath toys - When do you start using them?

After six months when your baby starts to sit up and gain control of her posture, it is a good time to introduce a bath toy. One way to test your child’s readiness would be to see how she reacts to water being poured using mugs. Her regular toys may not be a good fit for this bath time. Flexible rubber toys which are difficult to clean from inside are the most unsuitable of the lot. Mold and bacteria thrive inside and when water is squirted out they can lead to eye infections. It is advisable to choose one that is easy to clean, requires no air drying and has no battery. The recommended age group for toys should also be paid attention to as a wrong choice may stress out your little girl.

Bathub toys are primarily designed for fun and convenience. But with some thoughtfulness, they can help with learning as well. Kicking and playing in water improves your girls’ gross motor skills. Some actions such as pouring and tossing the balls can further help her develop fine motor skills. One game that calls for such fun is the Fill N Splash submarine by Inspiration Play. Secure it on your bathtub wall using the suction pumps provided. Stick it vertically at your child’s eye-level height and in four easy steps watch her go from ‘What’s this’ to ‘This is awesome!’.

Step 1- Pour. With the yellow cup that comes with the toy, pour water into the submarine and place the three yellow balls inside

Step 2- Fill. Ensure the water is poured at least halfway full

Step 3- Push. Press the orange button to release the flap

Step 4- Splash!

Surprise her each time and get rewarded with plenty of giggles. Give her the opportunity to grow independent as you co-bathe making the most of your time. The tub toy submarine brings a new sound to her ears and explains the concepts of water displacement and capacity. It demonstrates the cause-effect relationship with the push of trigger. Playing with the balls and pouring with the cup improve the hand-eye co-ordination and strengthen the grip of hands. Thus, it passes the muster for an ideal sensory toy.

Between 18-24 months, children begin to play ‘pretend’ games by copying the actions of adults. Best bath toys like submarine give them an opportunity to explore the ‘ocean bed’ and form their own perspective about the things that live there. Trust this vessel to ignite your daughters’ imagination for the first five years of her life.

Made from hard plastic, this unisex toy has a mold free surface. It requires practically no care and is best stored in a mesh bag. Some parents also find it useful in overcoming the fear of water.  

With this new addition to your tub time, however, ensure you are present around your child at all times. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety recommends this for kids up to 5 years of age. Bath toys bring fun to your bathroom. Start at the right time to yield maximum joy from its amusement.

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