Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Are bathing toys ok for my baby?

There are many benefits of having a bath toy. It helps regulate emotions in the child and fosters self-reliance. A right tub toy can play an instrumental role in helping your child achieve his milestones. They are a fun way to learn new words and new concepts. From teething rubbers to small mugs, a child begins to explore the formation of bubbles and unravel the secret behind floating objects. A good toy is made from high-quality material which maintains adequate hygiene at all times. Contrary to the popular belief, flexible rubber toys like the yellow duckies, are in fact, harmful for your child. Water collects inside them which is difficult to drain out and molds develop on their surface. Water squirted out of their bodies can even lead to eye infections. For your child to derive maximum pleasure from these bath toys, it is advisable to adhere to the age limit prescribed by the manufacturer.

The Fill N Splash submarine is an educational kids bath toy which checks all the boxes on safety. The blue submarine comes with two suction pumps that anchor it to your bathtub wall. Fix it vertically, within the reach of your child. Then in four simple steps, carry-out the mini aqua feat-

  • Pour water into the submarine vessel using the yellow cup provided. Place the three floating balls inside
  • Fill the vessel at least halfway through to orchestrate the effect
  • Push the orange button for trigger
  • Splash! You are all drenched before you know

This clever pretend-play goes a long way in improving the focus and developing hand-eye co-ordination of your child. Acts such as pouring water with a cup and tossing yellow ‘cannons’ are important lessons for a young body to fine-tune its motor skills. The orange trigger teaches cause-effect relationship and demonstrates the displacement of water. Other concepts such as float-sink and empty-full are also introduced. For a good experience, maintain the temperature of water to feel warm throughout the bath time.

This unisex bath toy requires no assembly, no battery and has a mold free surface. All parts are easy to clean and maintain. A good time to introduce your child to its experience would be between the age of 18 months to 5 years.

How is it? Does it work well?

Testimonials from satisfied parents tell us how their kids enjoy playing with it. Parents have used this distraction to co-bathe, organize the kids’ clothes, tidy the counter, etc. It has helped them win over their child’s trust in water.

However, make sure you are watching your child all the time. Even if he is sitting steady, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety recommends adult supervision in the bathtub. Also avoid using hot tubs and spas for children under five as their bodies are not equipped to dissipate heat like adults. This can lead to loss of consciousness and subsequent drowning.

Playing in water is an entertainment in itself. Adding a bath toy like the Fill N Splash submarine is what makes it more enchanting.

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