Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Top 10 Trustworthy Power BI Consulting Companies in 2021

Nowadays, businesses of all types thrive on data, and they need to deal with mammoth amounts of data, as it is. That is why they need specialized data analytics solutions and tools. A lot of businesses, hailing from diverse sectors, have embraced Microsoft Power BI as the data analytics solution. While Power BI is an immensely powerful tool for business data analysis, you need the services of a skilled consultant to get the most out of it. You should hire a suitable Power BI consultant agency to ensure your brand’s data analytics solutions are met.

Things to remember when assessing BI solution providers

In recent years, the number of companies offering power bi consulting services is growing. However, you have to pick a suitable contender for your business needs. So, you will have to assess the available contenders using some vital parameters. These are:

  • Tenure of the company- It is prudent that you hire a Power BI consultant agency that has spent a long time in this sector.
  • Client base- The client base of a Power BI solution agency speaks a lot about its reliability and service level. The Top BI solution providers work with clients of varying profiles, hailing from diverse niches.
  • Reviews-You have to check the reviews of the clients of a Power BI consulting firm before hiring it for your brand needs. 
  • Portfolio-Any BI solution agency may use lofty terms to woo the clients. However, you have to check out the solutions developed by it for existing clients. Check out its applications/solutions for feasibility, ease of implementation, maintenance, and scalability. 
  • Service term- Before you sign up for the services of any Power BI consultancy, check its service terms. This will help you get rid of hassles in the long run. You have to be careful about aspects like support and cost. 
  • Response-The way a BI solution agency reverts to client queries reveals a lot about its reliability and suitability. A professional agency offering BI services will explain its service details before things are finalized. 

The top 10 Power BI consultants to pick from 

You can’t go wrong by picking from the following contenders in this regard:

1. Imenso Software

A software Development Company operating from Gurgaon, Imenso Software is known for offering a wide range of software solutions. It offers customized and comprehensive Power BI consulting services for all types of clients. It has dealt with hundreds of Power BI projects, and the success rate is very high. It adheres to Agile methodology for giving the clients the best output. The company has a team of expert Power BI developers

2. ValueCoders

You can count on ValueCoders for all types of Power BI Consulting Services. It has a team of expert Power BI consultants who can analyze your long-term company goals and develop a customized BI solution accordingly. It offers dedicated BI teams for the clients. The agency is also capable of integrating Power BI with myriads of online and cloud services to meet client requirements. It covers technologies and platforms like Apache HBase, Cloudera, Microsoft Azure, Apache Sqoop, Apache Impala, and more.

3. Kai Analytics

Kai Analytics is a company that offers customized BI solutions for various types of clients. It has a team of experts who are well versed in Natural Language Processing and dealing with machine learning algorithms. The agency analyses individual client requirements and then develops matching analytics solutions using platforms like Power BI.

4. AlphaConverge

A management consulting firm, AlphaConverge has become one of the most sought-after power bi consultants. It offers a wide range of BI services for both B2B and B2C clients. It has a consulting team comprising experts with backgrounds in leading MNC consulting firms.

5. Spec India

A software solution provider with expertise in Microsoft technologies, Spec India is among the most reliable Power BI consulting service providers. It offers customizable and flexible Power BI consulting services to suit varying client needs. Its Business Intelligence Experts help clients develop suitable cloud data models powered by Azure Analysis Services. The solutions are developed and deployed keeping in mind long-term business goals and security. 

6. Dunn Solutions

Dunn Solutions has made a name as a top business transformation consultancy. It has a team of BI experts who can develop organization-specific data analytics solutions. They are capable of analyzing client data analytics needs and developing suitable BI solutions. It has worked for varying kinds of clients, including non-profits, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, etc. Based in Chicago, the company has a presence in Bangalore, India.

7. Neal Analytics

A Microsoft Gold consulting Partner, Neal Analytics offers services spanning niches like AI, cloud, data. It offers data strategy design, development, deployment, and support. It also offers services covering areas like edge computing, BI, migration and modernization, AI/ML, IoT, and RPA. It is known for adhering to pragmatic and agile consulting practices.

8. Ataira

Ataira offers a broad range of analytics and BI solutions for different types of customers across various niches. It has a solid background in dealing with Microsoft data and reporting technology. This is a certified Power BI Partner as well. It also serves as a top Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Its team of consultants is capable of analyzing client company needs well and developing customized solutions. 

9. Emorphis Technologies

If you want a reliable and professional consultant offering comprehensive power bi development services, Emorphis Technologies is a good option. This software development company offers customized Big Data Analytics solutions along with cloud, IoT, and enterprise mobility. It has catered to clients hailing from niches like healthcare, telecommunications, retail, and publishing, etc. 

10. Icreon

A digital innovation agency with a focus on automating client company operations and transforming customer experiences, Icreon offers cutting-edge BI solutions. It has worked with all types of clients, including the likes of Fortune 500 brands, mid-market companies, and nonprofits. It has a team of 350 experts, and its client retention rate is 97%. Headquartered in NYC, Icreon has offices in New Delhi, and Pune too.

Summing it up

Before you sign up for the services of any Power BI solution provider, check it on the main parameters. Resolve any query regarding cost or support before things are finalized. 

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