Thursday, August 26, 2021

Nighttime is starry with a Bear Light

A childhood is ridden with hidden mines. Almost every child faces one or another issue growing up. These issues may fade with time but they seldom vanish completely. As a parent, you strive to provide all the comforts of life but still there can be a few misses. One such gap can be closed by a friendly night light that sits by your sons' bedside to comfort him in the dark. The fear of darkness can manifest at an any stage of life. Some people experience it in their adulthood, too. As your child faces new challenges daily, let him sleep easy and tuck him in a blanket of security.

A good baby night light blurs the boundary between form and function. Visually appealing in the form of friendly animals such as a bear, bunny, owl, cat, dragon and a unicorn, these glow pets pulsate in dormant light shades of red, blue, white, yellow, pink and more. You may gently tap anywhere on the animal to stay on a color or let them flash in rotation. This light is set to keep pace with a human heartbeat to soothe the baby in a natural way.

Adjust the brightness level to your sons' comfort. He may choose dim yellow to read and a bright green to have some water in the middle of the night. The non-intrusive glitter allows you to change diaper, nurse and take a peek without waking your partner. In later years, it grows to become an inseparable part of your nursery as it lights your toddlers' path to the bathroom. From self-soothing to self-sufficiency, this bear night light is built to endure the adventures of a childhood.

Made from premium quality of flexible silicone this nursery night light is 100% machine washable. Ready for cuddles, this squishy friend is designed to fit your palm, measuring- 6" L x 5" W x 5" H. In fact, it feels so good that you may want to eat it. Safe to chew on, it contains no BPA, latex and phthalate. It is also good to touch at all times as it does not heat up. Portable, cordless and unbreakable, it has all the qualities you look for in a loyal friend.

Does this product sing as well? Yes, with a remote-control version, you can play music from your phones' Bluetooth and hear from the night lights' in-built speaker. The remote control activates many other features such as setting of an alarm, timer for 30 - 90 minutes, changing the color, adjusting the dimness level and the changing the pace of light strobes.

The pet light runs on an energy-saving, lithium battery which is in-built and can be recharged with a USB port which is again included. How long does it last when it is on? It uses a 4-watt LED that can light for 12-20 hours on a single charge. Not surprisingly, this kids night light features in the top twelve items of a baby registry and is often chosen for gifting. With a 12-month warranty, this toddler night light accessory meets all your criteria: music, design, colors, alarm, safety and durability.

You sons' night sky is a canvas for imagination. Place in it a few milky stars to cushion his flight of dreams.

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