Wednesday, July 7, 2021

LumiPets Animal Night Light — Makes Your Child Stay in Bed

Fear of darkness is not unique to just toddlers. Some parents experience it, too. A child who earlier could self-soothe and put himself to sleep may suddenly feel anxious around bedtime. Just as you decorate his nursery room with fun wallpapers and cuddly toys to evoke a sense of comfort, it’s time you did the same for his crib. LumiPets nursery night lights come in a choice of animal forms- a wise owl, a tender bear, a clever bunny, a quick cat, a protective dragon, and a beautiful unicorn. Choose your favorite from its collection and wish yourself a good night without having any second thought.

This reassuring night-glow is dim enough to light ones’ path to the washroom and can be turned bright by degrees to read your son a story from the ‘One thousand and one Arabian nights’. As a mother, you can never stop yourself from peeping into his crib for one last time. As a baby, he can’t help crying for a feed or a fresh diaper at 3 AM. Sleep can be intermittent but the disturbance can be reduced. Your child may wake up less often as he finds himself tucked under a loving, kids night light.

The color of this burnish glow can be flipped to experience a range of nine dormant shades. Experts recommend red for boosting the sleep hormone- melatonin. Blue, is surprising, at the bottom of that list. To change the color, simply tap anywhere on the animal. To complete your spell of sleep, play Mozarts’ symphony from your Bluetooth and sync it with the in-built speaker of the nursery night light. Besides lulling your child to sleep, music also improves brain activity and helps in speech.

Almost edible like peeps, this non-BPA, non-latex, lead-free and phthalate-free, silicone ‘gummies’ are chewy and 100% dishwasher friendly. Made to a portable size, these friendly companions are 6” L x 5” W x 5” H huge. Their waxed glow is emitted from an LED bulb (4W) which comes with a rechargeable battery. Wireless, this night-light can go up to 12–20 hours on a single charge.

To make the sleep time even better, try the remote-control version from LumiPets where you can switch colors, adjust the brightness level, play music, and do much more at the touch of a button. Does it have a timer or remote control? Yes. You can schedule your sleep by setting up alarms and timers for 30–90 minutes.

This top item on the baby registry comes with a 12month warranty and requires no assembly. With a dim light, white noise and a dress to keep him cool, there is a very little that can go wrong. Try putting your child in bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. Ensure you have no blue light from mobile phones, computers, and television screens blaring into the night. With a loving bear next to your child’s crib, you give him one more reason to stay in bed. LumiPets baby night light shines for miles so that your baby can go to sleep.

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