Thursday, July 22, 2021

Give your little man a blue Fill N Splash submarine

 Your 18-month-old son has just learnt how to sit upright and balance his body. He is now ready for long baths and his first bathtub experience. Help him overcome his anxiety, if any, by ensuring the water is warm enough to his liking. Additionally, offer him a baby bath toy. Even better, give him an educational baby bath toy. Babies imbibe lessons from such toys from as early on as one month. The Fill N Splash submarine is a bath toy which you never had as a kid but must acquire one as a parent. Making waves among the sea of kids bath toys, this submarine is engineered for some quick fun and learning.

Hassle-free to set-up, this toy requires no batteries and no assembly. It comes with two suction pumps to hold it on your bathtub wall. Keep its height within the reach of your child, once he is old enough to operate it. Then follow the four-point mantra- Pour, fill, push and splash. Bring the delightful sound of water to life. Begin by putting the three yellow ‘canon’ balls into the vessel and pouring water into it with the help of the yellow cup provided. Take care to fill it at least half-way through. Then push the orange button to open the flap and gush out water along with the balls. What you get is a splash that drenches your sons’ face and hair.

As you add two new words to his vocabulary- splash and submarine, this bathtub toy relentlessly works at teaching your child new concepts and skills, such as water displacement, cause-effect relationship (if I push the trigger then the balls get released with water) and development of fine motor skills to help use the spoon like a pro. This themed playset fosters recognition early on and in later years, facilitates physical play. Build your child’s confidence and help him grow self-reliant early on.

Can the cannon balls be used instead of the ping pong balls? Absolutely yes. Thus, this new sensory treat also improves his eye-hand coordination and makes him achieve his next milestone of throwing a catch. Is it BPA free? Yes. Is it Phthalate free? Yes. Plus, it has mold free surface which requires no cleaning and maintenance. Beware of flexible plastic / rubber bath toys such as the yellow duckies which breed bacteria and may lead to an eye infection.

This unisex baby bath toy, suitable for kids aged between 18months to 5 years is an accompaniment to your bath ritual. Useful for co-bathing and engaging the little one in an activity, just before putting him to sleep, this ocean cruiser is a boon for multi-tasking moms and also makes for a thoughtful gift idea. As you watch your child squeal even before you can push the orange button, ensure your child is under supervision at all times. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety advises you don’t leave your child alone in a bathtub for even a minute.

If you are wondering at what age should kids stop playing with bath toys? Consider at what age should one stop buying bath bombs. Days of childhood are numbered, make these enjoyable with the bathtub toy Fill N Splash submarine.

Source : Give Your Little Man a Blue Bathtub Toy - Fill N Splash Submarine

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