Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Give more bath time with Fill N Splash submarine.

Spoil your daughter like you were her nana. Giver her a warm towel, a mist of eucalyptus in the steam and all things nice within your reach. Bath time is perhaps the best part of her day where she gets smiles and even pats for making a splash. Go one step further with Inspiration Plays' Fill N Splash submarine to give her a 'splash'. Leaving your child without a toy, steals a moment from her childhood. An aqua blue submarine that shoots out yellow canons in the tub is just the one she likes the best. Triggering surprise and awe, your little one can never have enough of this bathtub toy.

Simple to set-up, this toy requires no assembly. The submarine comes with two suction pumps that can easily stick to your bathtub wall. Place it vertically, low enough to be within reach of your child. Then to the count of three make her perform the following actions-

  1. Pour- pour water using the yellow cup into the submarine. Put the three yellow balls inside
  2. Fill- fill the water at least half-way through
  3. Push- press the orange button

The result is a resounding splash. You may have to demonstrate this a few times before your child takes over and even invents new ways of playing with it. While she is having some fun, you can make time to get under the shower yourself or finish another Instagram chore. But make sure you are present at all times in the bathroom. This is highly recommended for your toddlers' safety by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety.

Talking about safety, you shall find that the Fill N Splash submarine baby bath toy is contamination free and is easy to clean. Beware of flexible rubber/ plastic toys that develop a biofilm on their surface with dirt water and human body fluids to host a flurry of molds. Squishing water out of them is known to have caused eye infection among kids.

As your daughter throws you a catch with the yellow ball, make sure you play along. These simple gestures are a sure way to build rapport and put your love into action. This picture-perfect playtime also lays the foundation for your child's physical and mental development. Ordinary actions such as pouring, playing catch while lifting the arm, develop fine motor skills. Body muscles get strong as your girl kicks and jumps in water. Playing with ball improves her hand-eye coordination and pushing the trigger teaches her cause-effect relationship. The concept of water displacement is also grasped by her young mind.

This unisex kids bath toy requires no battery and is suited for children aged between 18 months to 5 years. Share your discovery with others. Gift this sparkling submarine to your friend's kids and get ready to hear their bathtub stories. There are many ways to experience a big splash- jumping into a puddle, diving into a pool, spilling a glass of milk, etc. For your little one, start small. Let the high-pitch splatter of Fill N Splash submarine create a pleasant echo in her ears.

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Source: Bathtub Toys Give More Bath Time with - Fill N' Splash Submarine

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