Thursday, July 22, 2021

Does the kids night light really help my 2yo girl sleep?

There can be many reasons why your little girl stays up at night. A sugar rush from candy in the late evening, separation anxiety from parents, yearning for more playtime, no fixed bedtime routine, flickering of blue light from mobile screens, absence of soft toys and, of course, bad dreams. For the last one, try a nursery night light which glows just enough to drive away the fear of darkness. Children can develop nighttime anxiety at any age. With a loving guidance and a friendly pet that beams waxed light in the room, this challenge can be overcome.

As you prop a bear night light by your girls’ bedside, watch her slide into deep sleep. A 10-12hours of uninterrupted rest is known to improve memory and boost immunity in 2year-olds. At this age, children often experience sleep regression that can last for up to two to six weeks. While it is a normal phenomenon, a full nights’ rest is important for their physical and mental well-being. This portable animal light is made from superior silicone which does not heat up in the hands of your child. It requires no plug-in and flashes a cycle of nine dormant shades one after the other, mimicking a human heartbeat. You can choose to stay on a single shade and change the pace for the pulsating light. The color red is usually preferred to induce sleep.

Can you keep the multi colored lights on all night? Absolutely yes. On a single charge, this toddler night-light can run for 12-20 hours. Powered by environment-friendly lithium battery, this fist-sized, 4-watt LED glow measures 6” L x 5” W x 5”. From a bear, bunny, owl, cat, dragon and a unicorn, choose one that speaks to your little girl.

Made from flexible silicone, these squishy animals are dishwasher friendly and 100% free from toxins like BPA, latex and phthalate. Something for your daughter to sink her teeth into as you change her diaper, give her some water or read her a story in its light. The utility of this night-light only increases with time as your little girl soon learns to walk herself to the bathroom. Or the kitchen, as she fancies.

A warm cocoon of light when coupled with white noise can usher your princess into her best sleep. For playing soothing music, please sync your Bluetooth with the nursery night-lights’ in-built speaker. The remote-control version of Lumipet baby night light brings in many conveniences that facilitate the change of color, adjustment of brightness level, setting up of an alarm, a timer for 30 - 90 minutes, etc. Orchestrate your daily sleep pattern, something to look forward to.

The effectiveness of night-lights in putting a child to sleep can be gauged by leafing through some of the popular baby registry lists, year after year. While selecting one, take care that the mold is of high quality, unbreakable and safe to be chewn by a toddler. Afterall, putting your daughter to sleep is no child’s play.

Source: Kids Night Light Helps My 2yo Girl Sleep - LumiPets

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