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Why Is PHP An Excellent Choice For Web Development? 

Technology has a global reach, and websites are to thank for. Any information can be accessed in the blink of an eye through websites. The advancement in technology to develop websites is rapid and progresses at the speed of light. Many programming languages can be used to develop such robust and modern websites, which gives a higher level of performance. In this post, we will talk about the benefits of using one such programming language for websites - PHP and how it is better than other programming languages.

Nine reasons that make PHP outshine other programming languages.

  • Open-source language

PHP is an open-source language; that is, it is available for free to web developers. It is a server-side programming language, and it functions on the webserver. Because PHP is open source, it is accessible to all for making updates, and thus, the language has stayed relevant over the decades. There are many online courses and teaching platforms where developers can learn PHP and get any doubt or query solved in no time.

  • Easy to use

PHP is easy to use and apply programming language. This is because the syntax of PHP is very clear and reliable. Since PHP has been around longer, it has comprehensive documentation for different features and functionalities. The learning time for PHP developers has decreased significantly for both beginners and expert PHP developers. Even if an entirely new feature has to be developed, programmers can get a lot of inspiration from the earlier documentation, decreasing the development time.

  • Easy software upgradation

As we mentioned earlier, PHP syntax is easy to decode, i.e., the codes in PHP can be easily altered. Thus, web development in PHP takes less time to complete various tasks. Using this characteristic of PHP, developers can easily upgrade their websites into advanced and high-performing apps. The open-source feature of PHP lets developers upgrade older versions of website codes into new and robust features at a minimal cost. And after updating, it is unnecessary to carry out the maintenance by the same team of developers. Any developer can carry out the code support and maintenance.

  • Wide and inexpensive community

PHP is widely used for web development. More than 75% of websites on the internet have PHP as their server-side language. Such popularity makes the resources available related to PHP development very easy. There are tons of online and offline resources available, and the cherry on the cake is that these are accessible for free. The online PHP community has made it possible for beginners and pro programmers to acquire knowledge as readily as possible.

  • Cost efficient web development 

PHP is the top preference of many web developers that it is available for free. There is no extra expense, such as licensing fees for developers to get started with building apps. The original PHP code is available for free, and the online community keeps enhancing it as the technology gets updated.

There are many PHP-based packages also available which are pre-coded and tested for various situations. Thus, it does not require a lot of time and effort to improve the functionality of the language.

  • Lesser development time

PHP is a partly object-oriented programming language so that codes can be reused for other developing tasks. This is a significant advantage of PHP web development. The usage of PHP codes again saves a lot of time for developers. There is a whole range of PHP frameworks available such as Symphony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, and others. These frameworks provide pre-packaged features to make websites faster, reliable, and scalable. PHP also has built-in programming capabilities to retrieve HTML as well effectively.

  • Higher code flexibility and simple integration

Codes developed in PHP are compatible with a wide range of servers and platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Tornado, Apache, and others. PHP also has seamless integration with several databases like My SQL, MongoDB, and others. This is why PHP is the first choice for cross-platform website development over any other language. And along with HTML, PHP can easily incorporate XML, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

  • Web hosting support

PHP is a sought-after programming language for being an awesome hoisting provider as well. Any hosting service provider is easily compatible with PHP. There are many web hosting packages that come with PHP language support at an affordable cost.

  • Faster websites for better customer retention rates

Customers don't ;stay for a website to load anymore. They are always in a hurry, and thus the distinguishing factor between a high-performing and low-performing website is the loading speed. If the website doesn’t load in 2-3 seconds, the visitors will switch to a different site. PHP websites fulfil this requirement with their quicker data processing functionality. PHP-enabled websites load faster on google.

Old and static website codes can easily be transformed into dynamic PHP programming without any hassle by integrating PHP in HTML. This functionality also makes PHP an excellent choice for migrating and upgrading older websites.


We can conclude that PHP is a widely used language and a very competent one. It has modern functionality, a thriving online community, updated features, and PHP web development takes less time and effort. You can build a function-rich website on a budget with PHP. 

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