Thursday, June 10, 2021

Take A Peace Out of the Family Board Game Double Ditto

When your family get-together involves a bunch of energetic 10yr-olds, difficult-to-reach16yr-olds and a group of sedentary 80yr-olds, you are left with once in a lifetime challenge. To find peace even in the storm, look within. That is, look inside your cupboard. And you shall find a game board Double Ditto that is the answer to your prayers. With the confidence of a host introduce this fun family game into any setting and engage people from all age groups, making everyone jolly.

If you have wondered the reason behind a child’s inexhaustible source of energy, you shall find a clue in this game- simple rules and less of thinking. Within five minutes every guest is on the same page, ready to scribble the first things that come to their mind. Every round, the players take turns to be the Ditto master and read out a topic card aloud. These topics could be as specific as ‘commands to teach your dog’ or as creative as ‘hobbies of the rich people’. In just 15 seconds, players must jot down two answers which they think would be common to ‘match’ with the other players’. If one answer finds a match it is a ‘ditto’ and one point is earned. If both the answers find a match, then it is considered a ‘double ditto’, and three points are earned. The winner of this best board game is the one who scores the highest.

The answers are always surprising as the paucity of time lets our irrational associations take over. This may lead to some differences in opinion as well regarding what is considered a ‘ditto’. To get the situation under control, keep the instruction card handy. You will find that the answers can be off-topic and still fetch points as long as they find a match. This hilarious board game designed keeping 8–80year-olds in mind was awarded Game of the Year by Creative Child magazine in 2016. This one and a half to three hours of entertainment pack comes in a format that is easy to grasp and easier to execute.

The box contains a sand timer, scoresheet, and a pack of 400 topic cards in yellow and blue.

As you unbox this panacea for all species of boredom, you will be blown by how hassle-free this whole experience can be. This quality family board game calls for active participation which demonstrates the relativity of time. For more fun, bring its expansion pack which has 300 additional topics and some scoresheets. You may even devise your own topics.

Often players exchange notes on how they use this board game. Some groups remove the time limit while some skip topics that seem tough. One thing is for sure. No afternoon spent playing this game has ever been dull, even in the company of one. This best-seller from Inspiration Play promises to infuse harmony into a heterogeneous group of people. This game to play with family is the safest lubricant to get over awkward pauses and see our loved ones in a new light.

Source: Family Board Game Take A Peace Out

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