Wednesday, June 9, 2021

LumiPets Night Light, Turns the Darkness Friendly

Your baby adapts to many changes since his birth. One of them being sleep regression which is experienced at 4 months of life. While this is a good sign that indicates his brain is experiencing increased activity, getting uninterrupted sleep is equally important. It's the need of the hour, literally. A good nights' rest improves your baby's immunity, his ability to focus, learn new things and remain cheerful the next day. An adequate amount of rest is also needed for the rest of the household to perform the daily chores smoothly. Over the years, as your child grows accustomed to listening to bedtime stories that include monsters from 'Where the wild things are', he would need a companion in his crib. Lumipets' collection of animal night lights is just the thing you are looking for to make this unknown territory less intimidating for your little one.

From the adorable gummy bear, bunny, owl, and cat to the mythical dragon and unicorn, pair your baby with one of these pets that are specially designed to steady a tiny heart throbbing at dusk. With muted light available in a pallet of nine shades, your baby can always have his way and soothe himself to sleep. The dim glow allows you to peek, change diapers, nurse, read a story, and much more, without waking anyone around. In later years, this portable nursery night light also comes handy in showing him the way to the bathroom or the kitchen as the need may be.

If your toddler ensures you don't get any naps during the day, then it's time for you to catch up on your nights' sleep. And one way to do this is by having a clear conscience. This 6" L x 5" W x 5" H, squishy, unbreakable, silicone is free from toxins such as BPA, latex, and phthalate. It is dishwasher-friendly and can be safely left with a teething toddler. Its built-in lithium battery saves on power which is good for the environment and recharges itself when plugged into a USB port. The 4-watt LED easily lasts up to 12-20 hours at a time. Add to this soporific ambiance, you can play soft sounds of waterfalls to lull him to sleep. Stream bedtime rhymes as you sync your Bluetooth with its in-built speaker.

One of the top ten items in a baby registry, this kids night-light also comes with a remote-control variant. This feature lets you change the color of the light (else you can gently tap on the animal), set an alarm, set a timer for 30 - 90 minutes, adjust the level of dimness, etc., to devise a sleep pattern for your child. Every Lumipets baby night light comes with a 12-month warranty but with the right care is known to go on for years without a flicker.

An accessory for your baby's nursery this flexible animal silicone can also be used as a night light for the kids bedroom. Once you have experienced its convenience first-hand, remember to gift one to your friends. Darkness can be affectionate, too.

Source: Nursery Night Light Turns the Darkness Friendly

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