Friday, June 11, 2021

Fill N'​ Splash Submarine- The Clean Bath Toy

Did you know the innocent rubber duckie floating away in the corner of your bathtub is actually teeming with millions of bacteria and fungi cells per square centimeter of its body? It can prove to be dangerous and lead to eye-infections if the water is not drained out completely after every use. Other inflatable toys that can be squirted belong to the same category. Not only toys but even bathmats, cushions, mugs, and buckets can become breeding grounds for mold growth if water is allowed to collect in them over a period of time. Select a bath toy that is safe. Just like the Fill N Splash submarine from Inspiration Play.

It has a mold-free surface and easy-to-clean parts. After quickly winning your trust, this aqua blue submarine cruises into your bath time ritual with your little one. It triggers giggles as it shoots off three yellow 'canon' balls in the bathwater. Playing in water is a delight in itself. The optical, tactile, and auditory senses of a child experience a new element. Add to this the stimulus of a 'splash'. Chances are your child will cackle even if you simply pronounced this onomatopoeic word. Imagine then, his joy when he engineers this sound with his very own tiny hands.

In three quick steps, this task is executed. First, you 'pour' water into the blue vessel till it is at least halfway full. Second, you 'fill' it with the floating yellow balls. And thirdly, you 'push' the orange button when you are ready. This triggers the flap to open and the balls come raging out along with the water, creating a resounding splash. In less than a second, this action unfolds leaving your child in awe of his latest kids' bath toy.

The submarine can be fixed onto your bathtub wall with the help of the suction pumps provided. Take care to keep it within the reach of your child. Use the yellow cup to pour in water. Though operating this submarine seems like a child's play, it is much more than a plaything. Acts like pouring with the help of a cup, develop fine motor skills of your child which can be useful in teaching him to use a spoon. Pushing the orange button explains the cause-effect relationship to the young mind.

Lifting an arm to toss over the balls is an important milestone for a toddler. It improves his hand-eye coordination. Besides, it will make him spend more time playing in the water which will hone his gross motor skills, strengthen body muscles, and strike a balanced posture.

Easy to use, this unisex tub toy needs no battery and no assembly. It is appropriate for gifting to kids aged between 18months to 5years. Parents have often shared their experience with this toy and remarked at its convenience. This toy is handy when you need to co-bathe or bathe two kids at the same time. However, take care to not leave your child unattended with this toy in the bathtub. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety advises that children under the age of 5 must be supervised at all times during a bath.

Now it's time to get ready for some clean fun with this Fill N Splash submarine bath toy.

Source: Clean Bath Toy for Your Kids

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