Monday, May 24, 2021

With Double Ditto In Your House, Keep Your Guests Guessing

A house party brings together the comfort of a home and the excitement of catching up with your loved ones. To make the guests feel special, numerous tips have been shared and followed to the ‘T’. Escape room games, retro style themes, gluten-free appetizers, curated playlists, floral centerpieces, squeaky clean washrooms- you can never finish listing them all. Then there are those ‘attractions’ that add fizz to your party as the guests begin to settle down and make unsuccessful attempts to suppress their burps after their last soda refill. Family board game- Double Ditto, is one such crowd puller.

With simple topis like- ‘Parts of the body’ and ‘Jobs you can do from home’, literally anyone can participate. Though the suitable age bracket is suggested between 8-80, we feel that even a toddler can have a go at it and expand his vocabulary. The beauty of this fun family game is that it is inclusive in nature where the young, the old, the outgoing, the reserved, the democrats, the republicans, etc., all can come over the same table and share what they have in common.

In this game, every player takes a turn to be the ‘Ditto Master’, picks up a card and reads the topic aloud for the group. In 15 seconds, players scramble to jot down two answers which they can think of. They score a ‘ditto’ or 1 point, if any one of their answers is the same as another players’ and they score a ‘double ditto’ or 3 points if both their answers find a match. The goal is to score the highest.

Popular among the ‘connoisseurs’ too, this best board game was recognized as Game of the Year by Creative Child magazine in 2016. With a simple format that can be grasped within five minutes, this game comes with a thoughtful toolkit as well- a sand timer, scoresheets and a wad of 400 topic cards. You can stretch this game from anywhere between half an hour to 2 hours and play with a group as small as 2 or as large as 20 or more.

15 seconds is a lot less than you can imagine. With practically no time to finetune or improvise, answers which are straight from top-of-the-mind are surprising and often amusing. ‘Types of snakes.’ may fetch responses like ‘long’ and ‘short’. And these may even earn the player some points, provided another person wrote them as well. In times of confusion, thankfully you have the instruction card handy which clarifies what is meant by a ‘ditto’.

Along with laughter, this game to play with family gives you a chance to discover who is on the same page with you. You may find yourself unabashedly playing it often just to check your compatibility with your spouse. Or you may get an interesting glimpse into your uncle’s lifestyle, things which he keeps in his dresser, etc.

They say all good things must come to an end. But they didn’t say the end must come soon. Double Dittos’ expansion pack with 300 new topics and fresh scoresheets ensures your party lasts longer. With this best-seller family board game from Inspiration Play tucked inside your cupboard you have increased the expectations of your guests. They may even forget how you treated them in the first and last five minutes of the party.

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