Sunday, May 9, 2021

Lumipet night light. Let the treasures of darkness come to life.

Lumipet baby night light brings the magic of night into your baby’s nursery. The giraffe pillow bats its starry eyelids, the purple tulle dreamcatcher radiates with muted sparks and the brown earth blanket throws open a secret passage along its ridge. What is an ordinary world during the day-time is transformed into an enchanted spell at night. What is a wonderland for your baby is in fact, your cocoon for warmth and safety. Trust its dull orb of light to gently reassure your baby of being watched and reduce his separation anxiety. Watch with delight as the friendly-animal light lulls him into many hours of solid sleep.

Play with a new color theme for every night. Simply tap anywhere on the nursery night-light to choose from the nine rainbow hues. Fill your child’s sky gaze with a new story every time. This light will also serve to guide you when you need to change a wet diaper, find the feeding bottle or simply need to visit the bathroom, all this without waking your partner.

In addition to the glowing light, avail another trick to put your little one quickly to sleep. Stream soft waterfall sounds from your Bluetooth which is synced with the in-built speaker of Lumipet kids night light. Additionally, music is known to accelerate the brain development in a baby and improve its skills in reading and speech.

After six months, your baby needs to sleep longer. Give him the opportunity to experience an uninterrupted sleep which is critical for his overall wellbeing, too. A good sleep improves memory, ability to learn and focus and keeps the baby cheerful throughout the day. Longer sleep for the baby also translates into adequate rest for his care givers. Parents need to be well rested to carry on with the next day chores and also be happy around the baby.

Dimensions of this silicone animal mold are 6 x 5 x 5 inches. It includes a range of animal forms that are designed to stretch ones’ imagination. Find your pet among an owl, a bear, a bunny, a dragon, a cat and a unicorn and take one home. These 100% washable and toxin free molds contain no BPA, latex, lead or phthalate. These qualities make them pieces that are not just good to look at but also good to sink your teeth into. You can safely leave your six-month old, teething tot in the company of this toy.

Lumipet baby light economizes on power. It uses LED light and comes with a USB rechargeable battery. This wireless, night companion also has a remote-control operated version. You can change the light, adjust the brightness level, play music, set a timer, set an alarm, etc., all at the press of a button.

With this nursery night light bring your baby closer to the regular day-night cycle of sleep. If you find yourself staying up, it will be only to believe what you see. Perhaps, one night the charms of darkness will become known to you, too.

Resource: Best Night Light for Kids Who Are Scared Of The Dark

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