Monday, May 24, 2021

Lumipet Animal Night-Light, Your Baby’s Friend For Co-sleep

Cuddle, squish, kiss and hug the new Lumipet baby night light. Its friendly animals extend a mothers’ warmth and care into the night so your little one can have her best sleep every night. It is natural for children to develop fear of darkness or feel anxious before the task of napping. A peaceful ambience which pulls over a blanket of security is a tried-and-true way to put your baby to sleep. The importance of a good rest can never be overstated. It boosts immunity, improves memory, learning and problem-solving skills. It also keeps the child in good humor for the next day, improving its interaction with parents. Adequate sleep for the baby also translates into a good rest for the parents.

Discover a rainbow of nine dormant shades to flash into her nursery room. These dimmable baby night lights adapt to the theme of your evening and are a fun way to let your little girl experience colors. To change the shade, simply tap anywhere on the animal. Our bodies produce melatonin at night to induce sleep. Shades of red and amber are usually preferred as they don’t interfere with this hormone and keep the body’s circadian rhythm intact.

The benefits of adopting one Lumipet animal are many. Apart from easing your baby into sleeping, this night-guide is useful when you need to change her diapers or nurse her without waking your partner. It allows you to check on her in the dark. As she gets older, this pet will light her way to the bathroom. A friend in need, is a one indeed. This companion can also sing lullabies from its in-built speaker which you can sync with a Bluetooth. Music not only aids relaxation but also improves the brain, making it smarter.

Find her favorite among our vast collection of nursery night lights that includes an owl, a bear, a bunny, a dragon, a cat and a unicorn. Large enough to fill her imagination and portable enough to be carried on vacations, these pets come in the size of 6 x 5 x 5 inches. Made from flexible silicone which is 100% washable, they contain no BPA, latex, lead or phthalate. Toddlers enjoy their chewy surface and cuddle them often.

The engineering of Lumipet baby light is equally thoughtful. LED with a rechargeable battery scrimps on power consumption that can last for 20 hours. This wireless night light also comes with a remote-control option which allows you to change the color, dim the light, play some music and set a timer, alarm, etc.

With this kids night light for nursery add more hours of rest to your daughters’ sleep and wake up to her infectious smile in the morning. An angel may still be watching over your baby at night, but you can make his presence more profound. Give your girl a pet to co-sleep with, her guardian at night and friend at daytime. Give her an orb of glow which she can carry into her dreams and play all night.

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