Sunday, May 2, 2021

Fill N Splash Submarine means tons of safety

A bathroom is a haven not just for its owners but also small micro-organisms that thrive on its humidity and water availability. Often shower curtains and gaps between the cabinets, teem with bacteria and fungi. Bath toys, too, run the risk of getting contaminated. A study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science found that 58% of their bath toy samples had fungus and that a slimy substance was present on them all. Every square centimetre of the toys’ inner surface had up to 75 million microbial cells. Flexible plastic toys like rubber ducks were found to be the most unhygienic. Made with poor quality polymers they release organic carbon compounds into the water. A baby’s sweat or urine along with the soap and shampoo bring in nitrogen, phosphorus and more bacteria. This combination creates a biofilm on the toys’ surface.

So, what should one look at when considering a safe kids bath toy? For starters, avoid toys that can grow mold. Check for hard- to-reach places in cleaning and the need to air-dry after every use. One such toy that meets all the above criteria and besides, provides some educational value, is the Fill N Splash submarine from Inspiration Play.

Anchor it onto your bath-tub wall. This toy requires no assembly, no battery. It comes with suction pumps, a plastic cup and three floatable balls along with the submarine vessel. First, the balls are put inside the vessel and water is poured to reach at least half the level. Then the orange button is pushed to trigger the release of balls with water. This sudden ejection makes a splash.

The Fill N Splash submarine has a mold-free surface and goes beyond providing just safety. The act of pouring develops your child’s fine motor skills and his grip, while filling introduces the concept of volume. The push button makes him grasp the relationship between cause and effect and the splash demonstrates the phenomenon of water displacement. Playing in the bath-tub, additionally, has its own benefits. Regular actions like kicking, clapping call for greater strength and this improves the gross motor skills. Your child also learns to control his body better and tries new actions without the fear of getting hurt.

Children are tactile and learn organically. As you transition your child from receiving a sponge bath to sitting in a bathtub, safe tub toys can fuel his curiosity and even overcome his resistance for taking a bath, if any. He shall discover a world which is different but can be trusted. As your child tosses the yellow balls around, you will also spot an opportunity to co-bathe.

You may introduce this bathtub toy as soon as your baby turns 18 months or any time before he turns 5. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises to always check the manufacturer’s age guidelines for a toy. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety also recommends that you do not leave your child unattended in the bathtub for even a minute long.

Resource: Bathtub Toys Means Safety

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