Monday, May 24, 2021

Explore The Sounds Of Water With Fill N Splash Submarine

Listening to the sounds of water has always been relaxing. Sitting next to a stream, a river, an ocean wave or a gurgling waterfall induces a sense of tranquility in ones’ mind. For a toddler these water sounds can be exciting as well. Musical notes such as from draining, dripping and pouring, harnessed from the flowerpots, faucets and hand showers, tingle the minds of the little ones and leave them in awe. Add one more specie of sound to this catalogue with the Fill N Splash submarine bath toy. As the name suggests, a splash is created in your very own bathtub for your playful child.

To begin with, you ‘anchor’ this submarine onto your bathtub wall such that it is within your child’s reach. Two suction pumps are provided for the same. Then in three easy steps- pour, fill, and push, you trigger a ‘splash’ even before you can know. For this, the three yellow, floatable balls are put inside the vessel. Water is poured into it using the yellow cup. Take care to fill it at least halfway through. Lastly, push the orange button when you are ready. The three crazy ‘cannons’ release with a burst into your bathwater and make a splash.

Though it may seem like a regular tub toy, this blue submarine offers some educational value as well. It introduces your child to concepts such as cause-effect relationship and displacement of water. It aids in his physical development by giving him more opportunities to hone his fine motor skills. As your child performs the action of pouring water, he is unknowingly teaching himself how to use a spoon. As he grasps the connection between pressing the button and ejection of the balls, he is beginning to understand the relationship between cause-effect. When he tosses the ball, hugs it to his chest, he is crossing the early milestones for his age. Playing in water also improves your child’s gross motor skills, develops his muscles, helps him gain a confident posture, imparts problem-solving skills and improves his hand-eye coordination.

If there is one thing you would value over fun, that would be safety. You would be surprised to know that the yellow rubber duckies which are synonymous with bath times, are actually harmful. Water tends to collect in their flexible plastic bodies and forms molds which are difficult to clean. Their surface is coated with harmful bacteria from the combination of dirty water and human body fluids. Kids bath toys like submarine are easy to clean and have a mold-free surface.

Another likeable feature of this audio-visual treat is that it requires no battery and no assembly. You will find this submarine is a hit among both- boys and girls. It is suitable for all children between 8months to 5years of age. This toy allows you to co-bathe or bathe two kids at the same time as the blue submarine keeps them happily engaged. However, please be present in the bathroom at all times. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety strongly recommends that you don’t leave your child unattended in a bathtub for over a minute.

If you have purchased this bath toy as a present for you friends’ tot, you may want to reconsider keeping it for your own children. There are very few sounds that resonate as closely with a happy childhood as a ‘splash’.

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