Sunday, May 2, 2021

Double Ditto: Because indoors can be fun, too.

House parties are back in vogue thanks to the 2020 pandemic that has seen lockdowns worldwide. A mobile app called Houseparty even registered 17mn additional downloads in March last year. Hosting a party in your house is a great idea when all the guests are intimately known to each other. The lit fireplace next to the marine Bridgewater sofa invites tranquility. The Claude Monet combined with the scent of tropical Hawaii brings beauty and harmony into the ambiance. And just when your guests think, it can't get any better, you lay the table for a game of Double Ditto.

You will find that the box contains score sheets, a sand timer and over 400 cards with relatable topics like 'Parts of the Human Body' and 'Things You Put on Your Head.' Players take turns to be a 'Ditto Master' and pick up a card to read it aloud to the group. Everyone hurries to jot down the two items they can think of within the time limit of 15 seconds. The aim is to write those answers which are likely to be mentioned by others as well. Players score 3 points for two matches and 1 point for one match. At the end, the player with the highest score is the winner. What makes this family board game fun is the choice of unusual answers. 15 seconds put your brain in an auto mode and this throws up some surprises.

Discover who has a lot in common with whom and who wrote 'bubble gum' for the item likely found in a dresser. Double Dittos' high fun quotient was noticed by the Creative Child magazine who awarded it 'Game of the Year' back in 2016. Inspiration Play, its manufacturer, too, ran out of its stock last year. Perhaps, another reason for its popularity is the hassle-free experience. Easy to explain within five minutes and quick to set up for a group of 10 plus, this fun family games' one round can keep your guests occupied for 20–30 minutes. The questions are simple enough to be comprehended by a third grader and delicate enough to be introduced in a formal gathering of coworkers.

Double Ditto is a fun way to get to know one another better. However, disagreements are always bound to happen. Refer to the rules card in such a scenario. It clarifies when two answers are to be considered a 'ditto'. For instance, 'open gift' and 'unwrap presents' are treated as same. Also, you will find that the answers are valid even when they are incorrect. For example, two players who write 'Papa Guinea' for South American countries will still score points.

Once you have exhausted all the 400 topics, commence a second inning of this fun family game with 300 new topics expansion pack. This also has new scoresheets. Find laughter therapy flowing through your house with this best board game. Hopefully, you won't have to not lie next time about the start time of your party.

Resource: Family board Games Can Be Fun

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