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Why Is The Laravel Framework So Powerful?

Whether it's a retail business or an energy business, when it analyzes how other enterprises are scaling in 2021, they all get the same answer - software development. From creating a billing system that runs on the cloud to build a new marketplace app, the software is literally taken over the commercial world.  

One of the most preferred technologies which have been a major contributor to bring around this change for numerous businesses is Laravel. Today we see why.  

PHP is one of the oldest and still the most used programming languages and Laravel is its most powerful framework.  

And picking the right framework is a critical part of the initial phases of project development. The general factors a development team considers are the cost of development, the popularity of the framework, regular updates availability, testing, deployment time, their skills for the same, and other calculated measures.  

While developing using PHP, there are a variety of frameworks available with powerful technical functionalities. Laravel, Yii2, CakePHP, Zend, etc are some of the popularly used frameworks but Laravel has been on the top MVC frameworks.  

The following image from built with shows the trend of Laravel usage statistics for the top 1 million websites over the years.  

The above graph clearly displays how the use of Laravel has increased over the last 8 years. Compared to other PHP web frameworks the popularity of Laravel has rapidly increased despite being a newer framework.  

Laravel has 64.8k stars on Github and also a rising repository. So, how does it become so popular and is it even capable of covering every possible requirement that your web application might need? 

Let's take a deep dive into why Laravel is so powerful.  

Laravel - The PHP Framework for Web Craftsman  

Here we will discuss the top 9 capabilities behind the success of Laravel in the web application development market.  

1. MVC architecture  

MVC is Model, View and Controller architecture. It is one of the major advantages of using Laravel. The MVC based pattern makes it easy to develop both small and large business applications. It can maintain more than five files which makes it convenient to build large projects on Laravel.  

Developers can also control how an application appears on the frontend and thus helps in branding too.  

2. Multiple file storage  

Laravel has an amazing file storage system. It has inbuilt support for cloud storage like Amazon S3 along with local storage. The fun part is that the API remains the same for all systems so developers can switch easily.  

Files from all three locations can be accessed in one location like an all in one place database model.  

3. Eloquent ORM  

Compared to other frameworks, Laravel’s built-in ORM (Object-relational Mapper) is the best. It is the only framework with the feature to build and customize models using its eloquent ORM. it allows easy interaction with database objects and relationships via expressive syntax.   

4. Artisan CLI  

The PHP framework has its own command-line interface - artisan. Its specific use is to make the development process easy and fast. For building applications, it has a robust Symfony console component, which also helps in data migrations and management, publishing package assets, creating skeleton codes, models, and more.  

The top benefit of the artisan tool is that it removes the repetitive coding functions that developers have to deal with manually.  

It is among a few Artisan types that can generate its commands to manage data configurations and can be used to create MVC files as well.  

5. Template Engine  

Laravel has an inbuilt template engine known as Blade template engine. The lightweight, pre-installed engine handles a lot of contextual data in web applications. The blade template engine is used to connect data models, process the code given in the source and direct the output to a particular stream.  

The blade template engine helps to create beautiful layouts with the feature of content seeding. Without negatively impacting the application performance and speed, it allows data display and extending layouts.  

6. Task scheduling  

The scheduler was introduced in Laravel 5.0. When combined with artisan command in line utility it allows programmatic scheduling of executed tasks periodically. Internally the artisan depends on the cron daemon to run a job and completes the configured tasks.  

7. Unit Testing  

Laravel lets developers perform tests on web and mobile applications through PHPUnit. It automatically performs the unit test after setting up the file as phpunit.xml.  

Laravel can simultaneously run multiple tests to ensure the new changes are tested properly. Unit tests are preferred because they make it easy to perform app testing. The Laravel unit test feature makes applications completely bug free with extraordinary performance.  

8. Events and broadcasting  

In the light of the modern web application development to access real-time data and make changes. Laravel has the broadcasting concept just to fulfil this need to show live feeds and implement real-time data.  

Broadcasting allows sharing the same event between the client-side and server-side so that developers can easily extract real-time data from the application.  

9. Cost effective  

Thanks to its MVC architecture and Unit testing features, Laravel costs less than other PHP frameworks to develop web applications. The projects developed in Laravel are easily scalable too within a pocket-friendly budget. 

Apart from the features, Laravel also has various packages that let developers integrate other attractive features in the application, such as cashier, socialite, horizon, scout, passport and more.  

Along with these state of the art features, the Laravel framework is equally adequate for the web application development of large enterprises and SMBs. It is also equipped with tons of inbuilt functions to help developers create a fast performing application in the minimum time.  

Looking to streamline your business process or digitalizing the entire company data, hire a Laravel development company to assist you with the best software solutions available for your business.  

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