Thursday, April 8, 2021

Overcome Fear of Water with Fill N’ Splash Submarine

The fear of bathing is called ablutophobia and it is a very natural phenomenon that often develops among toddlers. Children, especially between the ages of one and two, grow hyperaware about their surroundings. They may over-react to some of the regular sounds like a toilet flush, a cooker whistle or a sneeze. Some kids may hold on to their uncomfortable experiences with water, like getting it inside their nose or eyes, to make them resist bath-time all together. Fill N Splash submarine is more than just a bath toy. It teaches your child the cause-effect relationship, fine tunes his/ her motor skills and makes him/ her look forward to the next water-time.

Stick this unbreakable submarine onto your bath-tub wall with the help of suction pumps provided. Then follow four simple steps- pour, fill, push and splash! You may not have the chance to even blink. To explain better- put the yellow balls inside the vessel and pour water using the yellow cup. Fill up till it is at least half full. Push the orange button when you are ready. The three lime balls get ejected along with the water. Be ready to get drenched to the bones.

While this activity seems all about having fun, the act of pouring actually hones your child’s fine motor skills. This talent comes in handy for other life skills such as feeding oneself using spoon. Its orange push button demonstrates the cause-effect relationship. The Fill N Splash submarine is a unisex kids bath toy for 18months - 5year-olds that requires no battery, assembly or maintenance. These features make it a good choice for gifting, too.

Selecting a good tub toy is tricky. The popular rubber duckies are in fact harmful as they breed molds and cause infection. A safe bath toy is hygienic and easy to clean. The submarine has mold-free surface and all its components are easily washable.

As you ease your child into taking a bath, be patient. Try to find the root cause of his/ her fear. Some parents even co-bathe to make this new terrain familiar to their child. And of course, introduce a silly bathtub-toy for distraction. However, bear in mind, that this toy is no substitute for your supervision. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety strongly recommends you be present at all times.

The Fill N Splash submarine is a fun way to get your child comfortable in water. It encourages him/ her to explore this new element- its sound, fluidity and colorlessness. Create bubbles, whirlpools and waterfalls with its plastic cup to have some fun on the loop. Toss its balls around. Make your child perform actions such as clapping, jumping, kicking, splashing and throwing objects to experience the difference in the sensation. Water play improves problem-solving skills, gross motor skills, the hand-eye coordination and posture control of your child. It even helps develop muscles. It provides a good opportunity to ponder over concepts like water displacement. Hopefully, with bath toy submarine your child will soon be a fish in water.


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