Sunday, April 18, 2021

LUMIPET Night Light - Brings the magic of calm and color

When night smiles with silvery moon, To my baby, I’ll croon,
Come, hear about the fairy folk, and Snuggle in a warm glow.

Motherhood is a blessing and joy. It also brings some of the hardest trials of life. From staying up for feeding to grappling to changing diapers, holding the baby to comfort in the dark. It is hard to keep up with the demands. Here enters LumiPet nursery night light, a gift for your baby and you. It brings easy night activity and restful sleep. The baby light makes each movement simple and comfortable. The soft glow of all nine shades soothes the tired senses & ushers the infants / toddlers into cosy slumber. It gives the whole family a peaceful good night and waking up rejuvenated to meet new challenges.

Soft, silicone mold of different animal shapes like Gummy Bear, Bunny, Dragon, Owl, Cat and Unicorn, in nine soft shades, longs to be held by your baby. LumiPet kids night light dispels the gloom of darkness into reassuring soothing light giving a sense of complete peace. When your child will cuddle to kids Bunny night light its soft texture will make the baby settle back.

It is often considered a playful toy in the daytime and a glow-light at night. It’s soft light will light up your baby’s smile. The brightness level & two multicolored modes stretch the imagination and increase the playfulness.

Your toddler can read and play by regulating the required level of light and dream in its soft dim light. This popular item — baby night light, designed to become a part of your baby’s bedtime routine. It’s cute animal shapes chosen keeping in mind the choice of infants and toddlers. The beautiful, different forms of night light modeled to engage your child. Its range of beasts adds more fun to your baby’s childhood.

It is safe and easy to handle even when your child starts teething and bites into it. The night light is made from toxin free, 100% washable, silicone material. It has power saving LED light (4watt) and a rechargeable battery that can last all night for 12–20 hours. Nursery night light is also available in an upgraded version with a touch sensor. A remote control that allows you to change the color of light, adjust brightness level, play music, set a timer and alarm; all with the press of a button.

Bear night light provides your child with a sense of assurance and happiness. Tranquil night rest reduces stress and promises refreshing mornings. Allow yourself to sleep as well as your baby.

Kids’ cute animal silicone baby night light is a welcome relief for new parents. LumiPet Nursery Animal Silicone Light, considered as the perfect gift for every new parent!

Resource: Bear Night Light - Magic of Clam & Colors

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