Friday, April 2, 2021

List of Top Web Development Trends That Will Rule in 2021

In the web development sector, technological changes are quite normal. A tool or framework that is deemed popular and useful today may become obsolete in less than a year. Not only that- the trends in the web development sector keep changing with time. It is not only about the software level changes that web developers have to think about. They have to think of hardware technology changes, shifting end-user habits and preferences, etc., while developing websites and apps. Nowadays, people rely on the web and online service a lot-partly driven by the pandemic situation. The usage pattern and needs have affected the web development trends too. 

Listed below are the top web development trends for 2021:

  • Rise of PWAs- There was a time the web users accessed the internet using their laptops and desktop computers. This has changed drastically. Nowadays, a majority of internet users rely on smartphones and tablets for web access and seeking online services. They prefer using mobile apps and mobile websites. However, of late, the demand for PWAs has shot up.

The Progressive Web Apps blend the functionality of desktop sites and mobile apps. They are easy to use, offer better speed and functionality. They can be used off-line, and the experience is satisfying from all angles. In 2021, the usage of PWAs will shoot up, say the experts. 

  • Dark theme- The popularity of dark themes in mobile platforms like Android is well known. The software development services are aware of the trend. In web development, too, the usage of dark-themed design is growing. There is a reason behind this too. Nowadays, the web and mobile users spend a lot of time staring at device screens, and that puts considerable strain on the eyes. By using a dark-themed UI, the eye strain can be brought down. This also helps in extending the battery life of web access devices. Using black and similar dark colors also lends an element of elegance to the websites and apps.
  • AI-based chatbots- A lot of companies have been using chatbots in their websites and apps for quite some time. These bots are useful in handling the basics of customer care services. You may have come across such chatbots while accessing food delivery services or online commerce shops. However, first-generation chatbots are programmed to tackle the basic and commonplace queries of customers.
  • The upcoming line- Up is going to be AI-powered, and they will be more advanced. These chatbots will be able to handle complex customer queries- thereby taking the load off human staff more effectively. 
  • Single-Page Websites– The web users usually lack patience, and for those who lead hectic lives, navigating through various pages of a website can be rather tiring. So, the trend of developing a single-page site is catching up. This is going to gain prominence in 2021- say the experts. The single-page sites take less time to navigate. These sites also load faster, and users coping with slower connections cope better with these sites. The web development India companies are also resorting to this method.
  • Voice recognition tech- The upcoming websites will feature better support for voice recognition technology. The popularity of voice-driven digital assistants needs no introduction. Millions of mobile device users are using assistants like Alexa and Siri profusely- worldwide. So, voice-based searches and website navigation will grow in the near future. The developers are going to deploy this technology on their sites. This is logical given the fact that mobile devices and IoT devices all support this technology. 
  • Enhanced site security- With time, the instances of websites getting targeted by hackers is rising. Several corporate giants and technology behemoths have faced such issues. The repercussions can be quite serious. This has made web developers worried about site security. They are resorting to stringent online safety protocols while developing the sites and apps as a consequence. From using HTTPS protocol to making use of biometric authentication for logging in, they are utilizing diverse measures.
  • 3D elements and visuals- With time, web developers are opting for 3D Design elements in the sites. Using 3D adds a new aura to the websites. Besides, many target customers visiting e-commerce websites prefer getting a 360-degree view of products these days. This becomes easy when 3D visuals are deployed. Given the fact that web access technology has improved, using high-resolution 3D Visuals and even videos does not pose problems. 
  • Motion Design UI- When you seek the services of an offshore web development company in India nowadays, this is what you are likely to get. This is based on blending minimalistic UI with cool animations that get triggered by user actions. These comprise dynamic elements like pop-ups, page header transitions, pull-down menus, and charts, etc. This makes the site look sleek and helps in engaging the user better. 
  • Mobile-first approach- Web developers are nowadays focusing more on web development, keeping in mind the needs of the mobile users. This is owing to the fact a majority of people do not use PCs for web access at all. While a lot of them have made the switchover from PC to mobiles, chances are there the kids growing up with smartphones will use the computers rarely! Mobile devices are becoming powerful and versatile rapidly, as it is. So, the developers are focusing more on mobile-centric web development. 

With time, some more trends may seep into the web development sector. The web developers may focus on many of these trends for their work.

So, what the future of web development looks like?

The web development sector is undergoing a number of changes. The way people access online services are also changing, and their expectations are growing. For a web application Development Company that wants to stay competitive, understanding customer needs is very important. The developers need to focus more on deploying technologies that ease the task of end-users. Voice command usage is expected to grow, as is the use of AI. Browsing websites and apps is all set to become a faster, more pleasant experience, and functionality is set to grow. 

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