Thursday, April 8, 2021

Double Ditto - You are Only as Good as Your Last Party

Its your turn to host the next get together and the responsibility to engage all; from the head of four families to the youngest of twelve grandkids, falls on your 35something shoulders. While your guests are adept at complimenting each other and discussing the weather, they sure could do with some quick, light-hearted family board game that triggers spontaneous conversations and helps them relax. Double Ditto is to give yourself some respite, too, from the shuttling between various groups of uncles, aunts, cousins and kids, as this game shall have them all huddled over the large table.

Sometimes being boisterous and loud is the best tribute a guest can pay you. Winner of the ‘2016 Game of the Year’ by Creative Child magazine, Double Ditto brings out the laughs with its fast-paced question rounds. After a topic is announced, every player gets 15 seconds to jot down the two things that come first to his/ her mind. These topics range from being ‘Foods That are Slimy’ to ‘Hobbies for Rich People’. If both the answers match with the other players’ then 3 points are scored, if only one answer matches then one point is scored. At the end, scores are tallied and the winner is the one with the highest score.

To make this game easier, the answers don’t even have to be correct. For instance- Name two types of snakes. If you answered ‘long’ and ‘short’, you could still score points provided you have a match. With rules simple enough to be grasped by a grade three class and few enough to be explained under five minutes, this game to play with family is designed for a full house. The game board comes with printed scoresheets, a sand timer and over 400 topic cards. So you can set it up even before that business-owner-uncle has the chance to heckle.

Another skill which this game imparts is that of tuning into the herd mentality, a trait considered invaluable in stock trading. You get points for thinking alike and anticipating your neighbors’ answers. There may still be instances of disagreement regarding what constitutes an exact ‘match’. For this please refer to the instruction card.

In case you have exhausted all the 400 topics during this one year of shelter-in-place order, do not panic. Purchase the bonus expansion pack which comes with 300 new topics and extra scoresheets.

Double Ditto is an activity game that gets better with a bigger group size. Often a group of twelve or more can finish one round in an hour or two. This fun family game can relieve your generous uncle from recounting his boating adventure for the sixteenth time and your tiresome cousin from playing the family clown. Dust your words, just like the lemon bars, with sugar and enjoy some quality time with your guests.

Double Ditto is that entertainment box which is of great utility when you have a flexible guest list. Arm yourself with this set of and trust that everything that can go right will go right. Oops, sorry. Anything that can go right, will go as-you-know.


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