Monday, March 29, 2021

Pair Your Little Boy with A Fill N’ Splash Submarine

A bathtub is a place full of possibilities. It is where one-eyed pirates make away with smuggled bottles of shampoos and gold bars of soap. Brave commandos dodge serial bath bombs while shielding their vessels using a plastic bowl. Your son’s dynamic battleground can be molded to sync his love for adventure with some education. This moment when his focus is unwavering, is a good time to introduce a bath toy that would teach him the relationship between cause and effect, along with experiencing the thrill of releasing ‘cannon’ balls into water which make a splash.

This blue Fill N’ Splash submarine comes with suction pumps that can stick to your bathtub wall. After you have put its three, yellow balls inside, pour some water into the vessel using the cup provided. Ensure that it is at least half-way full. Next, simply press the orange button to gush out the raging balls.

Pure joy in mechanics. Your son directly reaps the result of his action. No battery, no assembly is required. This resonant bathtub toy is hygienic and built to withstand the rough weather of childhood. Its kinetic water play makes it a favorite among the girls, too. Ideal for kids between 18mo to 5years old, this submarine toy subtly also works on building the fine motor skills. The action of pouring out water improves the muscle co-ordination and prepares your son for his next milestones like using the spoon to feed and buttoning the clothes.

As you have seen, a small toy can accelerate the pace of your child’s development. However, not every kids bath toy is safe. Bacteria loaded rubber duckies are infamous for spreading infection. To select a good toy, look for one that is easy to clean, has no inaccessible area and has a mold-free surface. Just like the Fill N’ Splash submarine.

To play in water calls for greater muscle strength. Make sure to be present when your child is in the tub. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety, too, recommends it. Use this opportunity to spend some quality time together and participate in your son’s play. You will be amazed at his originality. Numerous product reviews from parents tell us how this baby bath toy was used in different ways than intended. Parents also found it handy when they had co-bathe.

A bath time offers visual, audio and tactile novelty to your son. With submarine tub toy, you add to this sensory treat the phenomenon of water displacement. Pack power into your sons’ tiny hands and wonder into his impressionable mind. Fire his imagination with yellow cannons that pop out with a gentle press. Put wind in his sail with your protective care and help him breeze through the critical years in early development.

With Fill N’ Splash marine vessel make it fun to trace all his childhood interests which lay his foundation as an adult. As your son seeks and explores new games in water, this motion bath toy gives him yet another reason to like bathing.

Resource: Pair Your Baby with Bathtub Toy

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