Monday, March 8, 2021

Double Ditto - One Game that fits all Family Sizes

With just 15secs to jot down the names of two most common items found in a bathroom, you make haste and feel the suspense as you try to match your answers with the other players to score points. From the obvious- name two embarrassing sounds, to a little abstruse- name two rough surfaces, this family board game is perhaps the only way to bring three generations huddled together over a single table which does not serve buffet.

Awarded the Creative Child Magazine’s 2016 Game of the Year Award, Double Ditto is different from other board games like the Monopoly, Scrabble and even the latest- Qwirkle, as it does not limit itself to 4 players. It goes well with family reunions where you have 20 or more members.

Easily grasped by an 8year old, its game kit comes with a sand timer, scoresheets and an inexhaustible trove of 400 topic cards, making the process of organizing fun, hassle-free.

A Ditto Master announces the topic in every round. You score three points if both your answers match and one point where there is only one match. At the end, the player with the highest score wins. Trust this fun family game when you need to fill anywhere between half an hour to up to two hours of your Hanukkah party. Unlike some relatives, it is difficult to grow weary of the Double Ditto over a period of time: 300 additional topic cards and a new scoresheet can be bought with its expansion pack.

This game may trigger creative, critical and intuitive thinking with clue to emotional intelligence and conflict resolution techniques, but majorly it focuses on having fun, which is the art of not thinking. At least, of not thinking much.

Once you start discovering all that you have in common with your family, literally! build those burned bridges; resuscitate that dying native language which is reserved for your grandparents. Keep your friends close and your in-laws, even closer. Remember, you get points to agree. The loser in this party game can take heart in the fact that he / she is indeed unique. However, this is a great chance to find out who is compatible with you.

Of course, this game to play with family still leaves some room for arguments. At this juncture, the instruction card should come handy in settling any disputes which arise. This card explains in detail what is meant by a ‘match’. You may be happy to note that the answers to the topics needn’t have to be even correct. For instance, if your ten-year-old wrote Michael Jackson for a jazz artist, he can still get points provided another player wrote that name, too. In this family game, accuracy comes second to like-mindedness.

Double Ditto is synonymous with spending quality time together with your whole family. It is often considered the best answer to frequently asked queries such as ‘what are the best family board games?’ The 2020 pandemic has forced many parents to seek novel ways to entertain their kids indoors. And Double Dittos’ family board game is definitely one of them.


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