Monday, March 8, 2021

Bath toy Fill N’ Splash Submarine makes a splash

Your bathtub is perhaps the next best place to put your child in after a crib. In its cocoon it can safely explore the element of water. While it may not seem obvious, playing in water provides auditory, visual as well as, tactile stimulation to the senses. Because the body is supported by water your child improves its balance and strength as it learns to self-regulate its body. To make this playground more exciting, add bath toys to his / her daily ritual of self-indulgence.

While looking for a tub toy, select one which promises contamination-free surface (moldy rubber duckies have been known to cause eye infection), has no hard-to-reach spots and requires less frequent cleaning. You may pick a hard plastic Nemo, a stack of straining cups or a light blue submarine with yellow balls (cannons), that splash loud into your tub. This gush of water can be achieved in 4 simple steps:

Step 1 — Pour water and balls into the submarine, use the yellow cup provided

Step 2 — Fill it at least half-way through for the mechanism to work

Step 3 — Push the orange button on the submarine

Step 4 — Splash

No assembly. No batteries. No molds. Easy to clean and sturdy. Fun for the mother as well. This unisex kids bath toy, suitable for kids aged between 18mo to 5years, has educational value, too. It fine-tunes the motor skills as the child learns to throw balls overhead and pour water into the vessel (an action, which otherwise could get messy when practiced outside the tub). Eureka! Your child may or may not discover the law of buoyancy caused by water displacement, but with this accessory he / she will surely learn to appreciate the relationship between cause and effect.

Stick this Fill N’ Splash Submarine on your bathtub wall with the given suction cups and place it within your kids’ reach. Please note that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety strongly recommends that you don’t leave your child unattended for a minute long. And since you are with your child, play along. This will boost his / her self-worth and strengthen your bond. Additionally, get your tot to clap and kick in the water to experience the difference. Numerous client reviews from satisfied customers tell us how this baby bath toy has eased their child into taking a bath, helped them bathe two kids at a time, was played using a different way and made for a terrific gift idea.

Childhood is magical. Here everyday things are steeped in deep mysteries and leave a long-lasting impact on the mind, generally up to the age of seven. A child’s brain develops in surges. At this stage they have twice the connections between their brain cells as an adult. They are very receptive to learning at this age. The Fill N’ Splash Submarine bathtub toy is one more item in your toolbox to foster their love for learning. As they say — The trick is to catch them young!


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