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How Technology Trends are Going to Shape Ecommerce Development in 2021


As people have made a significant move to online platforms, businesses each day are transitioning to online retail methods. This has been considerably massive as a market in 2020. All the development that ecommerce went through in the last year pertains to the impact of the global pandemic, which didn’t leave any other feasible option.

Ecommerce development made it easier for people to access products and services even from the comforts of their homes. That’s the reason we began acknowledging the importance of web application Development Company.

As per the observable trend, e-retail revenue is to reach a whopping $6.54 trillion from $3.53 trillion in 2019. However, ecommerce trends are constantly changing as per the need for upgradation. In a similar vein, here are some ecommerce trends that are said to dominate the year 2021.

  1. Marketing through Social Media Platforms

Businesses have begun to lay so much emphasis on ecommerce via social media. This is because it is easier to post ads for products and services across social media platforms. These ads directly take you to the website where you can shop from.

Since it’s a convenient way of marketing products and directing people to their websites, social ecommerce is going to dictate 2021 drastically.

Additionally, social ecommerce is said to have a considerable impact on ecommerce web development in India. This makes it further vital to integrate social media with websites.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Driven Ecommerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making rounds in the industry for a while now. However, with better algorithms, this technology has become quite convenient for usage now.

With the use of AI, businesses can contribute to a holistic experience for their customers on their online websites. It can be used for better website navigation, intelligent products recommendation. Not only this, AI has numerous uses for analyzing sales patterns, channel, and behavior of buyers. So it is a win-win situation for both customers and business owners.

  1. Online Shopping with Voice Commerce

Voice ecommerce has drastically increased in the last year. This is because people find it convenient to interact with Google assistant or smartphone speakers instead of typing their query/needs. As time saving as this technology is, it is the future of online shopping.

So if you wish to create an ecommerce platform for your retail business, then ensure that you incorporate voice ecommerce. When creating an ecommerce site for voice search, then keep the following considerations in mind-

  • Buying commodities through voice search should follow a basic and logical process.
  • Search Engine Optimization is integral for content that features in voice queries.
  • Voice-driven navigation of your website/mobile application.
  • Adds skills to Alexa, Google Assistant, and similar voice search approaches.
  1. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality for Ecommerce Upgradation

Augmented as well as Virtual Reality are set to fill in for the loopholes that are persistent in online shopping. People are acquainted well with these technologies and web application development companies have begun using them to elevate customer experience.

An issue with online shopping is that customers aren’t able to look at what they are buying, hence leading to inconvenience sometimes. By using the aforesaid two technologies, this gap is being bridged for the better.

While AR allows customers to visualize a product in the real world, thereby making them understand whether or not it meets their demands. On the other hand, VR mingles the real world with the virtual counterpart to provide an experience of virtual reality. Virtual Reality gives an experience of in-store shopping and hence will surge high in 2021.

  1. Multichannel Selling to Accommodate Varied Customer Preferences

Initially, web application development companies in India focused on just one channel for ecommerce. Back then the concept of omnichannel selling wasn’t known. As ecommerce has broken the shackles of following a particular channel, people can buy products from different platforms like eBay, Amazon, Instagram Stores, Facebook, and so on. The usefulness of omnichannel selling trends will particularly be seen in B2B ecommerce development.

Here is how you can approach omni channel selling if you’re starting out-

  • Focus on personalized customer experience with different types of tools.
  • Invest in a Progressive Web Application (PWA) if you do not have budget constraints.
  • Optimize website for mobile phone searches.
  1. Development of a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Another key technological trend that will be hailed in 2021 is building a PWA. Online business owners are constantly on a watch for higher sales and better customer experience. And there is no better way than going for a PWA.

Progressive Web Application has become an often chosen category amidst web application development companies in India. It refers to a website that is structured as a phone application. As mobile applications can cost a huge sum, it’s always better to opt for PWAs to get better mobile experience.

  1. Increase in Volume of Mobile Shopping

One would have trusted you if you said that mobile shopping wasn’t widely trusted in 2019. But with the entire pandemic situation, people turned to mobile-based shopping. Not only that, they began trusting these purchases as well.

As the number of mobile users has increased drastically, there is no way mobile optimization can be ignored in ecommerce development. Mobile-optimized websites were one of the most sought after trends in 2020 and are said to continue strongly in 2021.

Since the competition is increasing with each passing day, having a website that is both computer and mobile friendly has become an urgent need.

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In Essence

Ecommerce is highly valued and acknowledged in today’s day and age. While some credits are due before the pandemic, predominant upsurge is ecommerce was seen since the commencement of COVID-19. With only an online medium to offer products and services, business owners realized how important it’s to use a platform that is reliable and feasible for people.

However, trends in the ecommerce industry are constantly fluctuating, so much so that this trend may begin in a year and die the very next year. Having said that, 2021 looks glorious with respect to what the ecommerce development holds for it.

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