Monday, December 21, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence


“ Everything we love about civilisation is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilisation flourish like never before- as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.  -Max Tegmark, President of the future of life institute 

Well, Artificial Intelligence became a part of our life real quick. If we see the technological trends of the decade, a pattern of technology making it’s way in humans lifestyle is clearly visible.  

In a broad sense, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the task performed by a machine which would otherwise have required human intelligence. 

This definition is not enough to understand the real concept behind the Artificial Intelligence. Let us dig a little deeper and know why Artificial Intelligence matters ? 

Types Of Artificial Intelligence  

AI is probably one of the most interesting creation of humanity yet. It’s rapid growth and capabilities have made people paranoid considering the revolution brought by it. The frequency to which an AI system can replace human capabilities is used to mark the criterion for knowing the different types of AI. 

  • Classifying AI and AI- enabled machines likeness to the human mind and their ability to think like humans. Under this category, there are four types of AI or AI- based systems – reactive machines, theory of mind, limited memory machines and self- aware AI. 
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) 
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) 
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) 

There’s a long way to go with Artificial Intelligence and it is right now a bit hard to say when will more advanced types of AI come into being.   

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, technological advancement paved the way towards the growth of  businesses and organizations. Some of the remarkable benefits of Artificial Intelligence that are helping to reshape the world that we know of today are explained below: 

  • Automation: One of the most commonly cites benefit associated with AI technology is Automation which has significant impacts on the communications, transportation, businesses, consumer products and service industries. Automation lead to increased productivity in these sectors by more efficient use of raw materials, improved product quality and high safety mechanism. 
  • Smart decision making: For making smart business choices, AI has always played a vital role. AI technology analyses and coordinates data delivery, develop data consistency, provide forecasts and quantifies uncertainties to make better business choices.  
  • Enhanced customer experience: AI powered solutions help businesses makes customer redressal policies in an efficient way. The use of Chatbot, couples conversational AI with Natural Language Processing technology which generates highly personalized messages for the customers to find the best solution for their needs.  
  • Medical advances: AI technology has shown immense potential in the healthcare sector. Remote patient monitoring allows healthcare professionals to perform clinical diagnoses and suggest treatments quickly without requiring the patient to be physically present in the hospital. AI is also beneficial in monitoring the progression of contagious diseases and even predict their future outcomes. 
  • Data analysis and research: AI and machine learning technology can be used to analyze the data in an efficient manner. It can help in creating algorithms to process data and understand the outcomes of different trends and scenarios. 

The advanced computing capabilities of AI can also enhance the speed of data fir research and development, which otherwise humans could have taken too long in understanding. 

AI technology is ubiquitous today from the suggesting the customers what to buy to understanding what you say to virtual assistants, the list goes on.   

Artificial Intelligence For Developers

From Amazon’s Alexa to self- driving cars, AI is progressing rapidly making Artificial Intelligence for developers inevitable.  

An Artificial Intelligence Developer is an individual who develops different operating systems that can be used for AI programs and various sorts of AI applications. AI developers work in association with robotics engineers to produce systems that can utilize AI. Software development companies hire developers who specialize in producing software for different system and robots. They engage themselves in working for developing video games, software and even weapons. 

AI stands to take repetitive task, enabling the developer to work on complex problem- solving tasks. 

AI is very likely to be used for bridging the gap in the existing technologies and alert the organization whenever the new software is required which clearly shows us that AI and software development will likely grow together. 

Risk And Safety Associated With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at this point is on boom with so many technological advancements and our fast- pacing life needs. It is evident to say that AI development when compared to the level where it is projected is still in the rudimentary stage. The risks and the benefits both come along whenever a technology is at emerging and developing stage. 

How can AI be risky ? 

Designing a smarter AI system is itself a cognitive task. Imagine a situation where your laptop crashes or gets hacked, it becomes all the more important that an AI system does what is instructed by you.  

AI gives immense power to humans in achieving their goals but AI is also capable to cause destruction when programmed that way. 

Another case where, AI is programmed to do something beneficial, but it develops a destructive path to complete the task is equally dangerous. This happens when humans fail to fully align the AI’s aim with theirs. 

Because AI is such an advance technology that has left humans delusional regarding it’s impact in their life it becomes essential to know it’s limitations.  

AI safety is the ethics that people should follow to avoid the accidental damage in machine learning systems. That’s why you may now see many applications asking for verification that you are not a robot by simply selecting the pictures asked by it.  


Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field presently at the development stage and it’s implementation is yet to be seen in various fields. In other words, the combination of a human mind with machines is indispensable, thus opening new path of growth and advancement. 

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