Wednesday, September 23, 2020

LumiPet Night Light. To bring your toddler from A to Zzzzzzz

Early years from infancy to adolescence are very demanding. Right from staying up at night to feed, change diapers without waking your partner to getting the child to sleep in its own room after a year, guiding its way to washroom at night; you realize getting a good nights’ rest is not that easy. Thankfully, at every stage you own a Lumipets night light that comes in handy.

Sitting in the silicone mold of your favorite animal- gummy bear, bunny, dragon, owl, cat and unicorn, its soft light peeps into the night to assure your little one in the dark. Tap gently anywhere on its surface and kaboom! watch one of its nine shades flash into a faded glow light. Make the toddler night light a part of your bedtime routine to encourage your baby to self soothe and go off to sleep. This popular item from baby registries helps you start your night early and provides rest for all the family.Made from 100% washable silicone, this 6” L x 5” W x 5” H night light for kids is free from toxins such as BPA, latex and phthalate. Its power saving LED light (4W) has a rechargeable battery that can last all night for 12- 20 hours. Its upgraded version with a remote control allows you to change color of the light, play music via Bluetooth, set a timer or an alarm and adjust the brightness level at the press of a button: Small conveniences for new parents who are anxious to sleep just as well as their baby.

This thoughtful dragon night light accessory which at the same time is designed to make your child’s bedroom more fun, requires no assembly and comes with a warranty of 12 months. Gift your child a cuddlable friend for night and leave the rest to his imagination. With a little luck, you will have no more monkeys jumping on the bed after eight (a popular children’s song).

How you sleep the previous night is important since it determines your wakefulness during the day. A family that sleeps together gets to spend more quality time together. Lumipets bunny night lights for kids acts like a catalyst in creating a soporific, tranquil ambience for nights’ rest. It makes it easier to tap into the stillness of night and wake refreshed in the mornings. The power of a good sleep can never be overstated. For some, it may even feel like starting life anew. Parenting is not easy. But happy parents are better off than perfect ones. Whether its playing peek-a-boo for the sixteenth time or putting all the LEGO pieces back in their bag at the end of the day, you need to be cheerful. Along with being a playmate you are also your child’s first teacher. Lumipets night light for kids makes your job easier. It gives sleep cues to your child and helps him reach his destination sooner from A to Zzzz.

Source: Night Light Brings your Child to Sound Sleep | Medium

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