Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Bear & Owl Night light — Helps kids grow out of fear

loose your imagination & sleep tight with night light

Lumipets’ toddler night light comes in friendly animal shapes such as bear and owl to tuck your child under its warm glow of light and usher him into his best sleep. A poor sleep not only affects your child’s mood but even his capacity for learning. For parents sleep deprivation means low energy levels throughout the day which could interfere with their ability to care for the child. While the fear of dark is natural, it need not persist throughout ones’ childhood. With baby night light you can help your child take his first step towards growing self-reliant.

bear night light

Lumipets’ night light for kids is smudged glow light which blends into darkness and can be placed next to the crib or in the hallway to guide ones’ way to the washroom. Select a shade to fill your nights’ canvass from its prism of nine soft colors. Just tap gently on the animal for color change (red is highly recommended). Add another sensory delight to this visual treat and discover the built-in speaker that comes with every Bear and Owl night light. Play some white noise through Bluetooth for soothing the child and happily abandon the idea of leaving the vacuum cleaner running.

ownl night light

Trust the bear and owl: two cordial (and cordless) beasts from Lumipets’ kids night light for bedroom to do the trick and cue your child into sleeping. One of the attractions of your bedtime routine, watch your child snuggle up to this flexible silicone animal which is 100% washable. Measuring up to 6” L x 5” W x 5” H this night light for kids is free from various toxins like BPA, latex, lead and phthalate. Its LED bulb (4W) runs on a rechargeable battery that can power for 12 - 20 hours. If you go for its remote-control version, you can avail more features such as setting a timer, alarm, adjusting the brightness level, playing music, etc. With no assembly required every piece of Lumipet baby night light comes with a 12month warranty.

bunny night light

With so many benefits no wonder this nursery night light features every year in top 20 items for baby-registries. And parents who have experienced its convenience since the initial days of life of their newborn are some of our happiest customers. Our body’s circadian rhythm or its sleep-wake cycle, which is regulated by the melatonin hormone, naturally prepares it to sleep towards the evening. Toddler night light simply aids this natural rhythm by helping the mind relax, let down its guard and surrender to sleep. Who knows you too may fall asleep like a child? And live by the words of Charles Pegy- The one who sleeps well, lives well. A tranquil ambience punctuated with soft glow light is need of the hour. Create this and much more with a chummy beast to reassure your child even after you have left the room. Remember- Loves’ labor is never lost.

Source: Want your child to sleep by himself at night?

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