Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Considering a Cute Night Light for your kids’ bedroom? It’s cool, actually.

Your daughter may not hug you that often now, nor share with you her class recess stories but she is sure to appreciate this friendly night light from Lumipets Cute Room Décor for Teen Girls and place it next to her bed. Bedtime is still magical for your acne popping good girl, even though she may pretend otherwise. One part of her heart still believes in the existence of unicorns and one side of her imagination still wants to play with cat and baby fox squishies. Along with this wild imagination there is also a rollercoaster of emotions which needs to be finetuned and mellowed to ensure your little woman gets her full nights’ rest.

Soft glow, tiny sparkles and orbs of radiance in the dark induce a soporific ambience. Infuse your daughters’ dreamland with this multicolor Baby Fox Lamp which flashes an umbrella of nine shades (a small effort on our part to keep up with her changing preferences). With this we should also like to limit our aptitude and dare not suggest which music should be played after 8pm. However, to enable this feature, we have put a built-in speaker which can stream music via Bluetooth on demand.

This friendly collection from Lumipet may be her next favorite plaything after snuggling up with stuffed animals. 100% cuddlable, this flexible silicone comes in the size of 6” L x 5” W x 5” H inch and is easy to wash. It contains no harmful chemicals like BPA, latex, lead or phthalate (good idea to preserve it till your next newborns’ arrival, if in plans). Comprising a 4 watts LED bulb which runs on rechargeable battery that can last for 12–20 hours, all variants of this Unicorn Night Lights for Girl’s Bedroom are cordless and come with an option of remote control through which additional features can be tapped into like setting a timer, alarm, adjusting the brightness level, playing music, etc.

Designed to reduce stress, this LED Night Light requires no assembly and comes with one-year warranty period. Your daughters’ addiction to cellphone, selfie rage and the compulsion to post status online may be hard to curb but you can certainly help her exercise her good sense by giving her a full 10 hours sleep. Dig deeper to learn if she suffers from Disrupted Nighttime Sleep (DNS) disorder which includes delayed sleep pattern. It is also possible that she still carries her fear of darkness from childhood. Rest assured, this is a common fear which may continue into adolescence and is considered a normal part of a child’s development. Boys, too, could suffer from this and should find it easy to reach out for help.

With all things said, Lumipets Kids’ Night Light comes with a significant side-effect. It amplifies the décor of your daughters’ bedroom which is still transitioning between a princess’s and a Taylor Swifts’ theme. Add fun, love and joy to the place where she spends most of her time. Let one of these last reminders of her childhood, color her slumber with sweet dreams every night.


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