Friday, May 22, 2020

6 Creative Plant-Based Breakfasts to Start Your Day

When it comes to plant-based breakfasts, you probably think about overnight oats and smoothes. However, there are many options available you can know by making a quick search on Google. Consuming plant-based foods while avoiding those sugary foods helps you stay active and refreshed all day long.

Moreover, plant based protein foods provide several health benefits such as high energy levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, increased blood circulation, and maintained body weight. Now, if you are thinking about the creative plant-based breakfast foods that can be prepared in just a few minutes, then the below 6 foods will help you maintain your healthy dietary schedule.
  • Banana Pancakes: You may often prepare oat bran as it is one of the perfect breakfast foods. Well, you can give a twist in your oat bran by adding 1/2 overripe or ripe banana and any non-dairy milk to make highly delicious banana pancakes. Then you can top them with jam, maple syrup and or any other toppings that you prefer. You can even use this speckled or overripe banana to make these pancakes if you forgot them to eat earlier.
  • Hummus Toast: Hummus is prepared from raw chickpeas that are full of fiber and protein. You can have your sprouted toast or whole-grain by garnishing it with some hummus and sprinkle some hemp seeds to add extra healthy fat and protein.
  • Banana Muffins: In these types of muffins, the nut butter and chickpeas are used that hold proper texture without eggs or any flour. Also, they are rich are fiber and protein thus they can be the healthy choice for your breakfast. Bananas are also used as a natural sweetener and thickener that also add great taste to your banana muffins.
  • Chia Seed Pudding: If you are looking for something creative that can be prepared in a few minutes during that morning rush, then you can prepare this easy and creative chia seed pudding. After combining chia seeds with your favourite non-dairy milk for one night, add some vanilla essence, nut butter and a little maple syrup to mix it very well.
  • Nut Butter Toast: If you want to start your day with some easy snacks or healthy breakfast meals, then you should try nut butter toast. With just a little sweetness, it will make your day while providing you with plant based protein. It is very easy to prepare, you can take it in your breakfast with some jam to add more taste.
  • Sweet Quinoa Porridge: If you get bored of eating quinoa daily in your vegan diet, then this time you can make sweet quinoa porridge. It will provide you complete plant-based protein. You can have sweet toppings over it such as berries, toasted nuts, almonds, and even a drizzle of maple syrup. You can use frozen berries if it is not the season of fresh berries.

The combination of plant based protein and fiber holds great importance in boosting your brain health, stocking your metabolism, boosting your mood and concentration, slowing down your insulin levels, and increasing your blood circulation. THIS will also help you crave less the whole day long. So, if you are trying to manage your weight, you can follow a vegan diet and add your plant-based protein intake to fuel your body.

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