Saturday, April 25, 2020

Vegan Grocery List to Consider For This Quarantine Time

Adopting a vegan diet is the way to choose better health and wellbeing when you have plenty of dietary options. Today, many people are following a vegan diet and becoming conscious about eating healthy and fibrous in every meal of the day.

But, in this quarantine time where you are locked down in your home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can't step out of your home to the nearby grocery store and choose your preferred vegan ingredient in your shopping cart. All you can do is make your vegan grocery list and order online from any nearby vegan food brand store.

When you adopt a vegan diet, you are pretty familiar with the ingredients you need in your daily breakfast meal, lunch, and dinner. You can make a list of those ingredients required to cook vegan food. Here are some vegan foods ingredients you should add in your vegan grocery list to stay stick on your vegan diet even in these quarantine days.

1. Oats: 

Oats are the commonly available food item you can add in your vegan grocery lists. If you are on the vegan diet, oats will help you prepare your meal easily while providing you essential nutrients and plant based protein.

2. Quinoa: 

Quinoa can be considered as the super food that completes your vegan diet. You can add more nutritional value to your diet by swapping rice with quinoa. Its crunchy and crispy texture makes it amazing for breakfast as well as lunch.

3. Tofu: 

Whether you usually cook quinoa, sprout salad or nuggets, tofu works as a classic staple for every cuisine. You should add tofu in your vegan grocery list if you love cooking vegan bacon and use tofu to add the mild texture in it.

4. Cashews: 

You should add cashews in your vegan grocery list as it will be used in almost every vegan food dish you will try in your quarantine time. Whether you prepare a vegan chicken, sandwiches, quinoa or even pancakes, you can garnish your dishes sprinkling in some cases.

5. Wheat Pasta: 

Order wheat pasta to add one more recipe in your vegan diet. You can order either dried wheat pasta or whole wheat pasta from the grocery shop which is delivering vegan brand products and prepare delicious pasta while adding some healthy veggies.

6. Nuts and Seeds: 

You can order nuts and seeds in more quality than you order usually as you can store them for a long time. They will be used in many cooking and baking vegan food recipes. Also, you can eat a handful of nuts and seeds when you are craving for a quick snack.

7. Tahini: 

If you love having French toast in your breakfast, then you can order sesame seed butter or tahini, and use it if you don’t have peanut butter in your refrigerator.
Besides this, you can order vegan food ingredients such as vegan cheese, almonds, grains, millet, barley, and tempeh. Furthermore, you should check the product labels carefully for the product descriptions.

Thus, stay on your THIS vegan diet even during thus quarantine days. You can even try some more vegan recipes at home that provide you various health benefits and improve your cooking skills.

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