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Melodic Wind Chimes: How to Pick the Perfect One!

Wind chimes are the instrument that is created for making a soothing tingling sound that could relax the mood of all its listeners.
These melodic wind chimes became more popular form way back in 5000 BC, and since then, they have developed so much that, That today Wind Chimes are available in so many distinctive styles such as metal, titanium, bamboo, wood and much more.

Melodic Wind Chimes

What leads to the development of these wind chimes is how easily they can level-up the ambiance of the surrounding places just by making beautiful soothing sounds.

We, as humans, are bound to make our space unique and special with things that have some calming message to help us achieve mindfulness.

Whether it is Outdoor wind chime or indoor wind chime, they always make their presence felt to the listener.

In this article, you will get to know everything that one should be aware of about the Soothing melodic Wind Chimes.

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What is Wind Chime

Wind Chime

In layman terms, wind chime is a type of musical instrument that produces sound through the movement of air.

Many keep a showpiece such as a laughing buddha, hang a dreamcatcher, or some other creative ornament to lighten the environment, or soothe the mood. Wind chimes are one such product.

An elemental Wind Chime usually consists of hollow rods made of different materials hanging by a surface in a way that when they all collide, a soothing melodic sound produces.

The surface of the wind chime could be anything from a flat metal plate to a curved wooden surface or a glass plate, onto which rods & tubes hang in a way that they collide to each other.

These rods can be of so many things such as wood, bamboo rods, metal rods, glass rods, or they could be an entirely different thing such as bells, rod-shaped stones, or any other object which is hollow inside and can produce a tingling sound.

Some Interesting Facts about Windchimes

In the early days, 3000 BC wind chimes were made from bones of human skeletons.

According to recent reports and research made by archaeologists, it has been found that Wind Chimes were discovered around 5000 years ago. Evidence of this report was found through ancient drawings on rocks.

Also, it was found earlier that older people used to build these Wind Chimes from bones of dead Humans to keep away evil spirits.

Windchimes were used to scare away the evil spirits in China.

Some researches also predict that in the old days, the Chinese people used the sound of the wind chimes produced from human bones to scare away evil spirits and attract good souls who will bring them fortune and wealth.

So, they started hanging these Chinese wind chimes in temples, pagodas, and caves, later around in 1800 BC, this tradition was also adopted by other areas such as Japan and Indonesia, after that other Asian countries started believing and took this tradition.

Today Wind Chimes are famous all around the globe.

Wind chimes used to produce melody tune in so many Beatles Songs.

Beatles are one of the most famous music bands from the 60s, and it is interesting to know that out of 211 songs produced from the Beatles most of the songs had to sound from wind chimes used in them.

But the song which made Wind chimes famous was ‘Let It be,' it became so popular that wind chimes from this name started selling and became a popular collectible for all the Beatles fans.

According to science, the sound from wind chimes creates Zen and Peace in the surroundings

Wind chimes can act as a healing device for the brain and body, the vibrations that are produced from wind chimes are claimed to reduce stress and emotional imbalance in the body.

Also, the positive sounds from the wind chimes promote relaxation and lessen tension & anxiety, which help in improving the overall thinking capability of the Human.

What is the purpose of Windchime?

Wind chimes can work for so many things. They can be used at homes and offices to produce soothing sounds, which will create zen & peace in the environment.

For starters, they can be used for surrounding one's personal space in calming sound, for decoration purposes, visible movement, and not to forget prestige.

Wind Chime is the best thing to give as gifts and presents to your friends and family, they come in all budget options and showcase the perfect gesture of love and care, due to their sound and simplistic yet adoring looks.

Wind Chimes can also be used as musical instruments to produce classical and folk music songs.

Other uses of wind chimes are for decoration purposes, as they make your house or any other place very eye-catching with their classic modern looks.

Where to Hang Wind Chimes?

Where to Hang Wind Chimes?

Hanging wind chimes is really up to you; they can hang anywhere. You can hang wind chimes at outdoor places as well as indoors.

Some of the most common places to hang Wind chimes are:

  • The entrance of your home: If you are not an electric bell fan, one of the ` use can be at the entrance door of your home. It can help you in signaling the movement of visitors and, more importantly, circulate positive energy at the entrance of your home.
  • You can hang a metal wind chime over the foot of a staircase as well. It will help in preventing positive energy from rushing down the stairs and out the door.
  • You can even use the wind chime to blast apart the sticky or negative energy due to the clutter.

Other exciting places where you can hang your lovely wind chimes are as follows

Wind chimes can be hung outside in the garden where there is plenty of air, so they make a lot of tingling sound. Or Wind Chimes can hang indoors at the windows, So whenever the wind rushes in, the Indoor Wind Chime will make its soothing sound.

Wind Chimes can also hang in the Balcony or terrace where they can take the full advantage of the Air passing by the outdoor Wind Chime.

Some small wind chimes which produce lesser sound can also hang inside cars and other big vehicles.

Where to Buy Wind Chimes?

Nowadays wind Chimes can be bought anywhere, and they can be purchased at large numbers of online stores or local offline gift stores,

Still, the best place to find wind chimes is online, with an extensive range of them available on numerous websites. Many eCommerce websites and brands manufacture outdoor hanging chimes of different types, materials, shapes, and sizes.

However, if you're in a quest to find melodic wind chimes in person, you can find them in numerous physical stores as well.

But while purchasing wind chimes for your use or as gifts, there are few points to keep in mind:

The price of the Wind Chime depends on the materials used to build it.

As mentioned earlier, Wind Chimes can be made from all different sorts of materials, considering the cost of these RAW materials, the retailing prices of these Chimes differ from each other.

Different manufacturers use different materials and procedures to produce Wind Chimes, some use machines to mass provide them, while some of the perfect wind chimes are hand made, depending on whatever the process and materials the price of the wind chimes varies.

Different materials may produce different sounds.

It is evident that different types of materials will produce different sounds, So it might happen the music you were expecting might not come out of wooden Wind Chime but can be found in metal Windchimes.

They are available in different types, such as Outdoor Wind Chime, Indoor Wind Chime, Tuned Wind Chime, and others.

For different places, wind chimes are produced differently, like a good quality outdoor wind chime might come with some protective coating, to protect it against dust and color fading due to sunlight.

good quality outdoor wind chime

Similarly, Windchimes for various places and purposes might come with different materials, So it will be better to decide your use of wind chimes before ordering them blindly.

While purchasing online, Check all the Pictures before getting your Memorial Wind Chime

It is a fact that while online purchasing is more comfortable and time-saving, it comes with a drawback of getting cheated by some of the sellers who don't provide relevant details.

So it is advised that before making your online purchase for wind chimes or any other product for that matter, do try to read some customer reviews and images posted by the brand, before hitting the buy now option.

Now that you are well aware of how-to and why to get your next Wind Chime, we hope that your next wind chimes will bring you fortune and wealth, and also help you to solve your problems by relaxing your mood.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Wind Chimes:

What is the Actual purpose of Wind Chimes?

Wind Chimes are considered a sign of good luck in some places in Asia. Also, they are great for using as decorative purposes as they give the classic modern vibe to the area.

How to Hang Wind Chimes?

Well, Wind Chimes can hang very easily by using a hook, or they can swing by tying them to a thread, which makes it easy to hang Wind Chimes.

Does sound from the Wind Chimes scare animals and birds?

No, Mostly, the Sound of the Windchimes blend into nature, So Birds, Dogs, and other animals don't feel any harm from wind chimes.

Sometimes the sound from the Winds Chimes also attracts birds and pigeons.

Should you hang Wind Chimes in the Toilet and storerooms?

Hanging Wind Chimes in Toilet and storeroom doesn't seem viable as it might disturb or scare the people in the home. Also, some say that Hanging Windchimes in Toilets and storerooms attract negative energy into that area.

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