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Kids Night Light: The Complete Guide, Why is it Beneficial?

Having a Positive Good night's sleep is essential for so many reasons, but if you are a parent with small kids, having a good night sleep can become a rare opportunity in your life, if your children are scared to sleep alone in the night.

Sleeping is essential for your kids as all the development inside the body happens during sleep; for having positive development, positive good night sleep is necessary. According to research, it is advised for parents to let their children sleep independent of them during the nights,
But some reports have claimed that If the child is sleeping alone in a very dark environment, they could suffer from sleeping disorders which could be stuck with even if they grow older.

So, it is always advised by doctors to have baby night lights in your children's room so that they feel less scared and can have a healthy night's sleep.

But night lights, which are too bright, can cause light saturation to your children's eyes. So, It is advised by experts to check appropriately before getting your kid's night light for their bedroom.

In this article, you will get to know about why sleeping is essential for kids and why it is crucial to select the perfect Kids night light for a bedroom or any room for that matter.

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Importance of Sleeping for Kids

Importance of Sleeping for Kids

Everyone is aware of how important it is to sleep, but for kid's sleeping is an essential thing for development,

According to researchers, kids who have less or lousy quality sleep generally tend to suffer from colds and fever and are less likely to fight germs when compared to kids having a good night's sleep.
There are lots of benefits of sleeping for kids some of which make them superhuman, Let's check some of the most important benefits of sleeping for kids,

Sleep Improves overall Growth:

Having a good deep sleep is essential for kid's Growth, Deep Sleep improves the growth hormones in kids which is beneficial as all their bones and mass gets stronger and bulkier while sleeping,

which will allow the kids to have the ability to fight any injury heal quicker when compared to other kids.

It is not just Physical benefit with sleep, but a great deep sleep improves mental health in kids as well. According to Italian researchers, kids with better sleep quality tend to have more improved mathematical skills and a more in-depth understanding of topics in their studies.

Sleep affects heart and children weight:

Similar to Growth, Sleep has a significant effect on children's health and fitness.

Better sleep quality increases better blood flow in the human body, and we all know our lovely heart manages blood flow. Deep Sleep allows the heart to decrease the cholesterol in the body and helps tissues to heal faster due to better circulation of blood and oxidants.

Also, If small kids have inadequate quality sleep, they will become obese, and being extra overweight at a young age is not beneficial for the kid's health. A Report has claimed that kids suffering from obesity at an early age suffer from several health issues in their elder age.

Sleep also adds germ-fighting power in babies. Kids with better sleep quality will have better germ-fighting cells and will not suffer from cold and other viral diseases.

Other benefits of Good Sleep for children:

Better learning skills, Kids with good sleep have more brainpower, which allows them to learn things quickly and remember longer.

Kids with good quality deep sleep have a more robust ability to fight and heal from injuries not just at a younger age but also in their adult age as well.

Also, Kids with Good night sleep generally have better attention skills to their surroundings and nature, which is again very beneficial.

Now that you are aware of how important it is to sleep for your kids, It is essential for you as a parent to make sure that your kids have good quality Sleep most of the time.

Reasons for Poor Sleep Quality

Reasons for Poor Sleep Quality

Even after making lots of efforts some kids suffer from poor sleep quality and this situation get worse with time, there could be multiple reasons for your kids having a poor-quality sleep, some of the most common ones mentioned below:

  • Watching a lot of TV and iPads.
  • Lonesome feeling.
  • Less activity throughout the day.
  • Intake of Caffeine.
  • Poor sleeping Schedule.
  • Improper Lighting source.
  • Too-bright lights in the bedroom.
Considering all of the above reasons, most of them are psychological rather than being any such physical reasons. Still, parents usually tend to visit the doctor to find a cure for these issues from medical prescriptions.

But instead, these issues can be sorted out by only making some of the changes in your children's daily behavior Such as these,

Significant Behavioral Changes for Kids

Significant Behavioral Changes for Kids

Limit Watch time:

Kids who watch a lot of TV or iPad suffer from sleeping disorders, to control this decrease watch time of your kids around all the gadgets and TV screen. Do not stop completely as these gadgets make your children ready for the fast-growing technological era. Instead, limit their usage in terms of intervals.

Have Family Activity:

Having family time is essential for your kid's mental health, Play some games with your kids, or have a short outdoor walk.

If all this is not your piece of cake, then try to have an in-depth conversation with your kids and tell them imaginary stories, to let them feel happy and increase their imagination!

Encourage You, Kids, to Play:

If your kid is lousy or lazy, encourage them to play outside or get them a small little friend such as a Dog, So many researches have claimed that having a dog in family reduces stress for everyone in the family,

Still, having a dog is a big responsibility, and not everyone can maintain that if their kid is very young, So spend some time with your kid outdoors, try to engage them in a different activity.

Decrease Caffeine Intake:

All of us are aware of the rivalry between sleep and caffeine, So many of foods have caffeine in them, food such as chocolate, Ice-cream, puddings, and other similar foods have ample amount of caffeine and a small amount of nutrition and minerals in them,

This sort of diet affects the quality of children's sleep and physical health, So it is vital as a parent to limit the usage of these sorts of foods and encourage kids to have a more healthy meal.

Maintain Better Sleep Schedule:

Having a weak sleeping schedule is one of the primary reason for poor sleep quality, we know that our body adopts the sleeping behavior that we follow, If your kid is sleeping late at night, then sooner or later the kid will take this sleeping pattern, and he will have problems in sleeping,

So, it is essential to make sure your kid has a proper sleeping schedule from a young age and sleep well at appropriate timings.

Maintain a Dim-lit Environment:

While going to sleep your kid might get distracted by an unusual light source inside the room, this can cause difficulty for you child to fall asleep, as a parent you should see if there are no disturbing night lights in your child bedroom,

Usually, lights and shadows from windows distract and scare your kids, make sure you use good quality curtains in your children's bedroom,

Sometimes, even curtains can't stop lights and shadows from entering the room through windows, then using a kid's night light seems to be a great idea.

Kids who are scared during the night may find it extremely difficult to fall asleep during the night, having a good quality night light in your kid's bedroom is essential.

Use Proper Night Lights:

Even after doing everything you could do, your kid might suffer from poor sleep quality, the reason for that could be extra-bright night light, Kids night light are very important for kids as it lights the room throughout the night to comfort the kid not to distract them,

If the baby night light is too bright or emits very bright light, then your kid might find challenging to fall asleep during the night, having a perfect night light is very crucial because it is the primary reason for your kid's good quality deep sleep.

Benefits of Using Night Light in Kids Bedroom

Benefits of Using Night Light in Kids Bedroom

Night lights are crucial for kids as they help your toddlers to fall asleep in comfort and feeling of security, nursery night lights in your kid's room offer you so many benefits, some of the most important ones are:

They Comfort your Kid:

If your children feel scared while sleeping during the night, night lamps can comfort them and make them feel secure that nothing is going to hurt them, but it is essential to choose night lights, which doesn't look scary to your toddler.

Helps Reducing Anxiety:

Some kids who feel scared during the night tend to suffer from anxiety which can cause sleeping disorders,

Night lights help reduce stress in kids while sleeping, as they make your kid feel more secure and make them able to look around their environment.

Help While Walking During Extreme Darkness:

Kids who secretly eat during bedtime have to make a washroom visit once in the night. Having a bedroom night light helps them walk safely towards the loo without bumping into anything harmful, which could injure them.

Help You Check on Kids:

Not just for kids, night lights can also benefit you as a parent to check on your kid if you wake up in the middle of the night, Parents can see if their kid is sleeping in proper positions or if their blanket fell off while they were dreaming about walking on the moon.

Boost brain development:

According to the American Optometric Association, Kids who have night lights in their rooms tend to have Growth in visual and imaginary thinking. Also, the baby night light can help to improve your kid's attention to the surroundings.

Now that you are convinced about using the night light for your children's bedroom it is essential to choose the perfect night light for your kid,

As with growing technology in every field, there has been significant improvement in the types of night lights that are available now.

Choosing Perfect Kids Night Light

Choosing Perfect Kids Night Light

Night lights for kids come in different types of shape and styles, and they come with multiple Light modes and other modern features which make them perfect for your kid during their good night sleep. Some of the essential elements that a modern-day Kids night light should have.

Not Just a Night Light:

Today Night Lights are present in all types of shapes and sizes and even different kinds of materials, select a night light which resembles your kid's favorite cartoon character but make sure it is not scary, so your kid does not get scared during the night,

Also, while choosing the night light that your kid will love, remember to make sure that the night light comes in a soft-touch non-toxic material so that even in your absence if the kid is playing with that Light, he or she doesn't get infected from that friendly Nursery Night Light.

P.s. Make sure that night light does not have any edgy material to harm your kid in any way.

Battery Operated & Rechargeable:

Modern-day Kids night lights come equipped with an in-built USB rechargeable battery, which makes them convenient and portable to carry around the house. Also, kids can walk during the night, holding onto their favorite girly night light.

Also, some night lights come equipped with remote control, so if the Light is situated far away from a kid while they are in bed, they can easily control those lights without waking up your kid from the light sleepy mood.

Adjustable Light Modes:

Kids night lights also come equipped with adjustable light modes which enable them to adjust the light intensity according to the requirements, not just that; some modern-day kids night lights come with changing color options to make your kids mood fun and enjoyable while lying on the bed or while playing with the Light,

Colors of these lights can be changed either by using the provided remote control or some views also come equipped with a tap to turn feature, which allows your kid to tap on the Light and change the color of the Light.

Safe and Cleanable Materials:

If you are getting a fancy toddler night light for your kid, then it is essential for you as a parent to make sure that night light you choose should have a non-toxic and safe material for the Light. Also, the material used on the Light should be washable or cleanable to keep the bedroom lamp off with harmful germs.

Ergonomic Design:

Perfect Kid Night Light should come with proper ergonomic design, so that the lights can be placed anywhere as suited, either on the floor or on the bedside or up on the wardrobe. The design should also be comforting for the kid with no harmful edgy shapes.

All these features will not only help your kid with good quality deep sleep but will also make him feel enjoyable and happy, finding a night light with all these features could become hard for any parent,

Thankfully, To overcome this problem, Lumie World has introduced the LumiPets series of Night Lights, these are well-crafted Kids friendly night lights for their bedroom, or anywhere else your kid desires. So, your kid can have a calm and peaceful good night's sleep without any distractions and nightmares.

LumiPets series Kids Night Lights comes with unique, non-toxic soft-touch materials, with adjustable LED Light modes with multiple colors changing feature,

These night lights also come with better different shapes based on kid's theme, and they have Bear shaped night lights, Owls design night lamp, and many more that will make your boy or girl very happy.

Also, Lumi lights are incredibly portable due to their design and ergonomics and, this Light comes with USB rechargeable batteries, which add extra convenience to the Night light.

Getting the LumiPet Kid Night Light will not only help your kid while sleeping but it will allow your kid to have this Light as another one of his toys,

Not just that, these baby night lights will allow you as a parent to have an incredibly positive good night's sleep.

So, Happy Sleeping.

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