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The Ultimate Vegan Grocery List For Beginners

The Ultimate Vegan Grocery List For Beginners
When it comes to vegan food or plant-based diet, you inevitably come across a lot of people who give a puzzled look about it. This is because they are not very familiar with the numerous things that a vegan diet has to offer. The truth is that veganism offers a culinary abundance if you take a closer look. With plant-based food alone, you can have more than thousands of different kinds of vegetables & fruits, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, and lettuces.

Well, a vegan diet containing plant based protein offers enormous health benefits and is budget-friendly. Now, if you recently started following a vegan diet and planning to shop for some vegan food on your own, plan your vegan grocery list first. Whether you are a vegan beginner or experienced in consuming plant-based protein in your diet, preparing a vegan grocery list can help you to navigate the food according to your diet.

Here Is a Vegan Grocery List You Can Consider:

  • Fruits: You should always consider buying fruits when you are shopping vegan foods as they nourish your cells with proper nutrition and help you attain a healthy body. Fruits such as Apricots, Apples, Cantaloupe, cherries, lychees, plums, etc. are packed with enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that your body needs to prevent diseases. 
  • Vegetables: When you are on a vegan diet, veggies can be your best friend as they are nutritional powerhouses of tons of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Thus, when you are out for your vegan grocery shopping, don't miss out on the wonderful source of nutrients. You can buy artichoke, avocado, cabbage, beets, bamboo shoots, celery, shallots, etc. 
  • Whole Grains: Whole grains do not only fuel your body and mind with an abundance of energy but also come with a lot of essential proteins, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids. When you shop for your vegan diet, you can stick on the whole grains and purchase whole grains including, barley, buckwheat, einkorn, farro, millet, quinoa, and Whole Grain Pasta. 
  • Healthy Fats: A handful of nuts a day helps you ensure the proper functioning of your nervous system, absorption of minerals & vitamins while providing an excellent balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Thus, you should not leave a grocery store without buying super-delicious nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pine nuts. Along with this, you should also buy certain seeds such as sesame seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, etc. from the same section of the grocery shop. 
  • Herbs & Spices: Adding herbs and spices such as basil, bay leaf, chives, oregano, paprika, nutmeg, dill, cilantro, rosemary, etc. are not just beneficial for your health, but kick up the flavour of your health. Thus, whenever you go out shopping at any vegan food brand store, consider adding these herbs & spices in your vegan grocery list. 
  • Dairy Alternatives: One more thing you should add in your vegan grocery list is the dairy alternatives. There are many vegan grocery shops available where you can find plant-based milk alternatives that even taste delicious such as coconut milk, almond yogurt, almond milk, rice milk, cashew milk, flax milk, etc. 

Besides, you can also shop for meat substitutes such as vegan bacon, vegan chicken, tempeh bacon, textured vegetable protein, etc. Well, these are just a small list for vegan grocery shopping, obviously, there can be much more especially in processed foods. But THIS list can give you a fair idea of what to look in the ingredients of your vegan food brands while sticking on the vegan diet.

So, are you ready to shop for vegan foods at your nearby vegan grocery store? Just prepare your vegan grocery list and enjoy making some delectable and healthy vegan meals for yourself.

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