Tuesday, January 28, 2020

U.S. military Airplane crashes in Taliban-held Area of Afghanistan

Afghan National Army forces began a plane crash Monday 2020 in the Delhi Iak district of Ghazni province, Afghanistan. Monday 27 January.
A U.S. military airplane crashed in the central Afghanistan province of Ghazni on Monday, based on pictures of the site examined by NBC News.

Pictures and video from the scene revealed what seemed like a U.S. E-11A army aircraft and what seemed like a U.S. military insignia on the airplane.

The range of individuals on board wasn't immediately known, nor was the reason for the crash.

U.S. officials didn't respond to requests for comment. The U.S. army told The Associated Press that it's exploring and it remained cloudy whose airplane was involved in the wreck.

The Deh Yak plane crash in the Afghan province of Ghazni
Arif Noori, a spokesperson for the state's governor, previously said damage was so extensive it was hard to identify bodies from the wreckage.

Before, Noori had said that approximately 100 people were killed in the wreck, but it later appeared an E-11A, that normally includes a two-person team, was included. NBC News reached outside to Noori for clarification of his previous comments but didn't get a response.

The airplane went down in Deh Yak at Ghazni, approximately 100 miles south of Kabul.

Noori told the AP individually the wreck site is in land controlled by the Taliban.

The last important commercial aviation accident in Afghanistan happened in 2005, when a Kam Air flight in the western city of Herat to Kabul crashed into hills as it attempted to land in snowy weather.

The war, however, has witnessed a number of fatal crashes of aircraft. All seven crew members were murdered.

A National Transportation Safety Board analysis found that big military vehicles were secured and had changed during the flight, causing harm to the management systems which "left handed the plane uncontrollable"

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