Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Urban Outfitters Canada Just Put Their Entire Online Store On Sale For Cyber Monday

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Happy Cyber Monday, Canada! If you're not one for big crowds, Black Friday shopping might not be the scene for you. Luckily, it's followed every year by Cyber Monday where you can shop insane deals from the comfort of your own home. With countless massive brands dishing out huge sales today only, you don't want to miss your chance. This year, Urban Outfitters' Cyber Monday deals certainly do not disappoint.

Urban Outfitters Canada has put their entire online store on sale at 25% off with free shipping worldwide if you spend more than $50. If you've ever shopped at Urban before, we're willing to bet you easily spent over $50. Getting free shipping won't be a problem with so many awesome things on sale today.

The brand is known for its trendy items including clothing, home decor, stationery and so much more. This Monday, everything from party dresses and shoes to graphic Ts and denim is on sale.

Whether you're looking to update your wardrobe or catch up on your Christmas shopping, Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to fill your digital shopping cart without breaking the bank.
We've pulled together some things you'll want to check out during this massive sale.

Cozy Coats and Jackets

With the right jacket, it is totally possible to layer up without ruining your look. If you're on the coast, go for something rain resistant. If you're in a colder province, get all the warmth you can find.

Holiday Dresses

Admit it, we all love to make a splash at the office Christmas party. Instead of recycling last year's party dress, treat yourself to a brand new head-turner.


Coming across a nice, warm sweater that also happens to be fashionable might just be the best feeling on earth. Find the perfect "you" sweater and add an extra layer to your favourite winter looks.

Denim Everything

There's nothing more versatile than jeans. Pick the best cut for you and call them your new go-to pair. Might as well get a complete Canadian tuxedo while you're at it.

Undergarments Galore

If you've been putting off buying new bras, now might be the perfect chance. From lacey bralettes to supportive sports bras, your underwear drawer is in for an upgrade.


Updating your bedding can be an expensive task. If you've been dying to give your bed a makeover, Cyber Monday is the perfect day to make it happen.

Stocking Stuffers

If you've got some stockings to fill, these cute little items will totally do the trick. From small gifts for friends to decorations for your home, there's something of everything.


Every sneakerhead knows that a good pair of shoes doesn't come cheap. That's why it's your best bet to get a new pair of kicks on Cyber Monday.

Urban Outfitters Cyber Monday

Deal: 25% off everything and free shipping worldwide over $50
Why You Need It: It's officially winter and it's time to step up that wardrobe game. Stock up on new things for your closet, your home, and everyone on your Christmas list.


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