Friday, December 27, 2019

New Govt strategy focused on 'real risk' of cyber crime

Richard Bruton said it is very easy for people to hack into systems
Minister for Communications Richard Bruton has said the Government's new cyber security strategy is focused on advancing the standards and protection against cyber crime.

Speaking to RTÉ News ahead of the release of the strategy, which is being published today, Minister Bruton said cyber attacks identity theft are "real risks" and it is very easy for people to hack into systems.

He said we have to make sure our systems are protected to "the best practice standards" and to be vigilant around incidents and respond to them quickly.

We have to protect our infrastructures, our electricity systems, our energy system, our telecommunications system, our system of managing public services. These are crucial, that we protect them.

He said this new national strategy also "links in with international information" to make sure we are aware of all the potential threats out there.

He said the strategy also recognises the work opportunities in cyber security with "a lot of people employed in the sector" and identifying the potential for research centres to be at the leading edge of this sector.

He said according to an international evaluation of Ireland's cyber security, it has shown the country is performing strongly and "ahead of the curve in many ways".

He said an advantage is having many people working in cyber security companies in Ireland so there is a "rich pool of talent" and being able to avail of that.

However he said there is no room for complacency in this area.

It takes just one break to have enormous potential consequences.
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Source: RTÉ

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