Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Google Maps Introduces Incognito Mode for iOS

(Via Google)
Everyone has the right to digital privacy—even when plotting secret routes.
Google is rolling out incognito mode for iOS, giving users the ability to search for and navigate to locations without leaving cyber breadcrumbs.

While the feature, already available on Android devices, does not save places to your Google Account, neither does it provide personalized recommendations based on previously visited spots.

"Using incognito mode on your phone will not update your Location History, so the places you go won’t be saved to your Timeline,” Marlo McGriff, Maps product manager, wrote in a blog announcement.

McGriff doesn’t linger on reasons why someone may want to hide their journeys.
Rather, he moves swiftly on to Maps’ new bulk delete tool, arriving next month on Android to let users find and remove multiple places from their Timeline and Location History at once.

"People turn to Google Maps to make their lives easier—whether it’s getting tips and recommendations tailored to your daily commute, or knowing when your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and places may be the most crowded so you can avoid a long wait in line,” McGriff said. "Handy tools like this are improved by Location History.”

Turned off by default, the optional setting "helps make Maps more useful for everyone, as well as personalized to your needs,” according to the blog.

Once activated, users receive periodic email reminders about what data is being saved and how to manage it.

"We’re committed to providing simple, easy-to-use tools to manage your Location History—as well as clearly explaining how it makes products more useful,” McGriff wrote. "It’s our goal to help you stay informed about your Location History.”

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